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Hello Great and Wonderful IBO and World-wide Affiliates and Family!! After being in the Gold and Diamond business for over 30 years, I feel that there is nothing that offers the Brilliance, Shine and Sparkle appeal as one of the Finest Flawless Diamonds, found and encrusted down in our earths core.

Diamonds of such beauty, throughout history have always increased in value and have maintained their brilliance and luster!! This past January 1st I was offered such a Diamond, I identified it as a good comparison to one of these flawless gifts of nature.
SKYBUDDY!!! SkyBuddy offered an Outstanding Opportunity of Value and the increased residual income that I had been searching for…and for years to come!!

Update: SkyBuddy has been exceeding my expectations, I didn’t realize that the appeal and luster of online gaming was this HUGE! I didn’t realize that so many people love to play games and that Google considers The Adver-Gaming Industry to top the Motion Picture and Music Industry combined!!…HUGE!!

My TEAM has been growing far beyond our shores. We have reached far into New Zealand, Sweden, Brazil and many more game site owners are joining world-wide daily!! We are now working with a gentlemen from the country of Dubai to bring on board his entire 800+ organization. I am now personally working with a Top Internet Producer here in the US..he has joined and he has down-line affiliates that number over 80,000...
Everyone on my “SkyBuddy International Diamond Team” share in the growth, value and to put it simply….The Money!!!! (not to mention the company wide 2X12 matrix, where we all share in the profits of the Entire Company!!)

Don’t miss out on this Diamond Opportunity of Outstanding Value!!…SkyBuddy!! It’s NOT too late..SkyBuddy is actually still a diamond in the rough!!..In it’s infancy stage. As we embrace, share and benefit from the residual explosion of this business, the owner Paul Schneider is adding more games that are in development, adding more revenues.. Tournaments that we get paid 50% on are coming soon!! PPV (Pay Per View) will be up and running any day now..all game site owners get paid for a short 13 second National TV commercial while the game is loading for the free game player..we get paid 100%.

Get back with me or one of my SkyBuddy Buddies Today and YOU can shine and sparkle as bright, brilliant and flawless as the Finest Diamond!!! With SkyBuddy.. I feel You can’t lose…

Cell # 618-521-8183
Office # 618-993-5417
Skype # josephmillers101

P.S. Call or Join the winning “SkyBuddy International Diamond Team” today at:
Don’t wait.. Truthfully the time could possibly not be better.. As I am writing and sharing with you..calls are coming in and more SkyBuddy Buddies are becoming Flawless Diamonds!!!

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Joseph Miller   1328 day(s) ago
Thank you Annemarie and everyone for your comments and "likes" I appreciate it very much!! ~joseph~
Annemarie Berukoff   1330 day(s) ago
Diamonds are every person's best friend and SkyBuddy certainly is shining. What a brilliant opportunity...own your own international syndicated game site and make money when people play games. Did I mention 20 carats brilliant! No zurconias allowed.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady   1395 day(s) ago
I agree with Jeff excellent blog. Thanks for the great greeting liked and shared for you too.
Jeff Findley   1396 day(s) ago
Awesome blog. Excellent information. We are going to take SkyBuddy around the world.
Timothy Bullard   1396 day(s) ago
Gaming is huge. I have no doubt this will be a successful business. So many opportunities ans not enough time!!

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