posted on: 4/23/2012 4:40:24 PM EST
The Answer to Aging
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THIS STATEMENT JUST OUT, FROM SCIENTISTS WORKING ON A PHARMACEUTICAL ANSWER TO EXTENDING THE HUMAN LIFESPAN. Read it and see what science thinks they will someday do. Then read the “Sisel Answer” from Tom Mower, Founder & Chief Science Officer of Sisel International to their position on the prospects of science to reach that goal.

Anti-Aging Scientists this week published: "If you are around 40 years of age and basically average in terms of genes and health, the odds are good that in your first few decades you gained little in the way of longevity advantages over someone 20 years your senior, living in the same location. Medical science is progressing, but the young in wealthier regions of the world don't really use nor need all that much medical technology once past the point of vaccinations and the standard - and diminishing - brace of infectious childhood diseases. The point here is that the bulk of any technology-dependent difference in your life span has yet to be engineered: it depends on how well you take care of the health basics from here on out and far more on how rapidly medical technology progresses towards working rejuvenation biotechnology. If that medical technology isn't researched, isn't developed, isn't made available in a competitive marketplace, then the life trajectory of your parents is not an unreasonable model for your life.

"If medical technology stopped moving forward now, then, sad to say, most people would not live a great deal longer than their parents. Gains due to medical technology are all in the future - they can be seen, discussed, and worked on in detail, but they are not here yet.

What does that mean? It means that if you are 40, you're half-way done. You have half of the hour-glass left in which to make a difference - to help build the technologies that will smash this limitation of the human condition”.

Tom Mower, Sisels President’s states: I do agree with what they are saying is entirely true. The very breakthroughs, they are looking for are largely here, discovered, researched and proven in the most prestigious institutions in the world. Nobel Prize Winning Awards have been given.

They are simply not available as pharmaceuticals. Since these discoveries are natural– and you see, natural ingredients are not patentable. They are God Given to Mankind. AND…. they have only been tested on animals. Mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and monkeys may now live lives as young animals, for perhaps double or triple their lifespan. Without human tests they cannot be sold as a prescription drug. It can cost a billion or so dollars for a new drug, requiring about 15 or so years of tests. Once achieved, this synthetic drug may be loaded with side effects, sold at a very high price at a tremendous profit to those in the medical field.

The answer to Tom Mower advocates is simple. Since natural ingredients, working with the human body to support or activate natural processes still works; take that natural ingredient, intensify it, add other natural ingredients to fortify and strengthen it. Then sell it as a supplement to “support” the human body functions or parts. “TS-X, in his opinion, is the single greatest product in the history of human health. It is safe, powerful, works great on animals, and looks very promising to mankind. According to the FDA, Aging is not a disease. Therefore a theory to not only end aging but reverse aging is plausible. The immense power TS-X offers, combined with the spectacular fortification of the Triangle of Life products and what have we got? THE ANSWER to the greatest desire people may have: Living longer and growing younger.


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