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Looking for Home Business? 10 Generic Lessons Re What Works Best in Network Marketing
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Are you still searching for a way to make extra money from home? Most home business opportunity seekers note only basic requirements such as low-cost, simple to follow system, retirement planning and tax savings. However, there are several other important considerations to help make the right decision.

ONE: GET EDUCATED. You can expect failure if you start out with a limited understanding of terms and concepts that drive networkers. It is the reason why so many people do not achieve the kind of success they deserve which, in turn, becomes the basis of poor public relations. You can ensure success if you increase your understanding and evaluate the best, easiest way to achieve your goals.

No school or curriculum would operate where beginners are expected to add as graduates. The opposite to learning (failure) is to throw beginners into a complex business without a basic primer and expect unbounded success. And yet with proper education, network marketing can open up to be the last great grassroots free enterprise for every family who wishes for more financial security.

TWO: BE FAIR AND DEMOCRATIC. Network marketing has never been about what degrees you may have, level of experience, background, talent, education, ethnicity, status, or biography. It has never been a vehicle of aggrandizement by the few self-branded gurus and their would-be followers. Their egos sadly misinterpret that you cannot duplicate superstars but simple-to-follow systems that everyone can easily do, fairly and democratically.

It has always been about the average person with above average dreams with minimal capital and sweat equity to make a different lifestyle for their families.

THREE: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Network marketing as a home business is based on only 3 KEY PRINCIPLES…no more…no less…so very manageable...if you GET THE BIG PICTURE!

You need to hear this again. The absolute power to achieve financial security is based on these THREE FACTORS ONLY!

Can you name them? Do you follow them? Do you know how to use them correctly?

FOUR: DESERVE A BETTER LIFESTYLE. You see, network marketing is not just about selling a product or service whatever that may be. It is about informing people about a business platform based on 3 key fundamental concepts that can dramatically change their financial well-being and security.

You see, it's simple to say NO to a household product with untried benefits when something similar may be bought at a neighborhood store or the household budget is tight.

But who would say NO to an independent and secure lifestyle to be passed on to future generations?

FIVE: WORK SMARTER. Network marketing has evolved through 60 years of changes drawn from evolving economies.

It is no longer a Mom and Pop operation in a garage. It is technologically advanced with global communications and very skilled mastermind systems.

Recent developments are integrating major e-commerce trends and leveraging internet profits. People can even try out a no-cost shopping service to prove its value before helping to distribute it to others and earn income.

SIX: GAIN PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE. We do a serious disservice to this industry. In my opinion, this home business model tends to be presented in the wrong order with an incomplete element that is essential to how this system works or not.

It typically starts with a presentation about a single MLM company. Then a new distributor may sign-up with a starter kit and autoshipment cost, and begin to market to friends, family or online leads with the expectations they will do the same. How has this worked out for you?

The better way is the opposite order. Start with marketing basics…what works…what doesn't. Keep the marketing plan as simple as possible. Practice positive self-beliefs. Now you are ready to share an exciting opportunity by first understanding marketing basics with stronger self-beliefs and a successful home business as a result.

A back-to-basics, generic starter manual will level the playing field for everyone!

It's madness to think this valuable home business will gain public acceptance until we take advantage of what works on a massive, EQUAL democratic scale and scrap the difficult limitations.

Run away from any business venture that does not have a well-defined marketing plan, preferably on one page, with which you are comfortable.

SEVEN: SAY "I CAN DO THIS." Network marketing is NOT about information overload or duplicating leaders and magnetic personalities.

Long term residual profits come from a large team with multiple levels of people saying " I CAN DO THIS."

All you really need is a telephone...a computer...and a simple marketing plan with 3-Steps System for Success Plan that everyone can do. Period.

The total plan can be duplicated in an hour with no loss of critical information. It depends as little as possible on the skills of the person delivering it. It can help every person who wants extra income based on democratic, common multi-level marketing concepts. Period.

EIGHT: RETURN TO BASICS. Network Marketing, if returned to basics, is the perfect vehicle for grassroots entrepreneurship.

Let this be your focus. Be more knowledgeable about the industry itself. Keep the study, as usual, short, compact, comprehensive with the simple objectives of showing details, the big picture and exciting potential.

Without it, you will spend endless time and money explaining or defending this home business model.

With it, you'll cover the basics for people without any business experience. It integrates a big picture overview about the changing economy, market trends, power of leverage, duplication multiplication, residual matrix, internet marketing, personal development and much more.

With it, you will save time, money, make a difference and multiply your profits in a very fair, and democratic way.

This home business is meant to work the RIGHT WAY…no fuss, no muss, no travel, no tedious phone calls, no busy team members.

NINE: MAKE A CHOICE. Life is about choices. Change does not start with inspiration but with education.

You have two choices in front of you:

1) Continue to bypass the Information Economy. Miss out on an unique, phenomenal opportunity to leveraga a capital asset based on a huge expanding internet market. Forego a simple, time-efficient, low-cost marketing system and a residual stream of life-time income OR...

2) Wonder about it. What if you never find it....that is a truly scary thought.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Your thought should be...Why NOT me?

TEN: BELIEVE IN YOU. Your success is more important than any reason or excuse you can come up with.

The first step is to learn more about the founding democratic principles built on equality, dignity and success which are the true hallmarks of multi-level or network marketing.

The second step is to believe with all your heart that every family deserves equal opportunity for success even if biographical conditions are unequal.

Success is 99% mental and you need to work harder on yourself than anyone else. Understand that nothing happens in the physical world, until there is a change in the emotional, invisible world of your mind.

As true networkers, we believe in YOU.

We believe you are an exceptional person who may not yet have uncovered their true potential. We don't think you want to continue arguing with life's limitations. We think you will not accept excuses not to be knowledgeable...but find it and apply it.

We believe you can empower and help others with this right information.

I look forward to sharing your thoughts if you also believe every family deserves the right to a fair, democratic home business?

You are invited to discover how to shop, save and earn home-based income by giving away a valuable shopping complimentary software that offers unbeatable savings and unstoppable income from home. Listen to this 4 minute pre-recorded message: 1 888 766 5114

Standing by to help,
Annemarie and Don
Team of Hope

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MISSION: Every family deserves a fair and democratic home business with 3 steps that work.

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Mark Granberry   1460 day(s) ago
Keep it simple, my favorite part
CeCe Horn   1472 day(s) ago
Wonderful article ALL should read!
christine queiroli   1519 day(s) ago
Annemarie, thanks for the nice comment you made on my post! If you didn't make a comment I would have never found your blog! Awesome Blog!
Allison Hayhurst   1557 day(s) ago
Annemarie - FANTASTIC blog! So educational & a must read for those of us who already have a home based business and for those thinking about it. Thank you!
Oniece Gregory   1557 day(s) ago
Good blog, Annemarie. unfortunately think you just join something, and get rich.

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