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Attention Power Customers!
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At least once each day, I pick up the phone to hear that loud announcement. I am on the “Do Not Call” list, but when you are a business owner your number is in so many places that it makes no difference. I receive this recorded call two or three times a day. I have even listened to the long, boring message so I could remove myself from their list. I selected “9” as the message advised, but that was weeks ago, and the calls have not stopped.

I receive many out-of-State calls every day, so I pick up most calls when my phone rings. This particular harassing solicitor uses a different phone number each time, so my reports to the Federal Trade Commission don’t really help. I do not have time to report it every time they call so I can provide another phone number.

This is only one of many recorded calls I receive daily. I know I could allow them to go to voice mail, but it takes less time to pick up the phone and hang it up as soon as I hear the recording begin than it does to dial in to pick up my voice mail messages.

Because I market my name, business and phone number in so many places on the Internet, I receive a ridiculous number of calls daily. I “loved” the one from my previous phone company (who I left only a couple weeks ago) trying to sell me on their service. I tried to be polite and just say “no thanks,” but when she became downright pushy, I hung up on her.

I have learned that when I pick up the phone and greet the caller, if there is a pause, it will be a recorded call. I don’t wait for them to begin speaking.

I thought I was so smart when I looked at my caller ID a couple days ago before picking up the phone and saw it was coming from an 866 number. I didn’t pick it up, assuming it would be a solicitor. Nope. The voice mail message was from my doctor’s office calling with test results for which I’d been waiting. Darn. So I had to call them back and leave them another message.

We cannot be sure that an 800 or 866 number is a solicitor. Since most of my true business calls come from names and numbers I do not know, using caller ID is not helpful unless it shows a business name.

I have never wanted to get my own 800 number, because for a home business, I think it is impersonal. I want my prospective team members to know that I work at home.

I guess I have ranted and raved long enough. If you have found an effective solution to this problem, I’d love to hear it.


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Bonnie Sauve   1183 day(s) ago
What a great PR Julie! I know exactly how you feel because it happens to me all the time. I, like you, press the "9" and to no avail, it never stops. Thanks for sharing and continued success with Xpress Healthcare.
Velma Joseph    1183 day(s) ago
Great article ~ I can understand your being upset Julie. Just today I had five calls with the same series of numbers offering me a network marketing opportunity. It came to the point that I took my number off IBO and other social media websites ~ I hope this is it. Blessings and much prosperity in ALL your endeavors! Victorious Velma
DeeDee Coleman   1187 day(s) ago
Very cool press release, thanks for the info Juilie.
Adam Waller   1188 day(s) ago
When I got started in business I decided to only give out my cell phone number because I didn't want my home phone ringing at night disturbing my family or my sleep. Just put it on silent. I've been surprised because I get very few solicitor calls, or emails even! Then again, I only have my phone number in follow-up emails in my autoresponder.
Julie Klein   1188 day(s) ago
The process to access my voice mail messages is a hassle, so I seldom let calls go to voice mail. You have a good idea there Lonnie. Maybe I'll track the numbers for 3-4 days, and then ask for blocks on those numbers. Thanks for the great feedback.

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12/17/2012  Talent Exposed
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12/13/2012  Who Likes Fudge"
12/12/2012  Bang, Bang!
12/10/2012  Oh, the weather outside is frightful…
12/7/2012  Have You Heard the News?
12/6/2012  Here Comes Baby New Year
12/5/2012  World's Oldest Person Dies at Age 116
12/3/2012  Holidays of My Childhood
11/30/2012  Do You Miss Snail Mail?
11/29/2012  Prizes & Competition Can Generate Team Excitement
11/28/2012  I Lost My Keys!
11/27/2012  Where is the Network Marketing Mecca?
11/23/2012  Network Marketing is a Scam
11/21/2012  Healthy Food at Fast Food Restaurants?
11/19/2012  Life Sometimes Gets in the Way
11/16/2012  Sam Walton: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Business – Part 2
11/16/2012  Sam Walton: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Business
11/15/2012  Do You Meet the Qualifications?
11/14/2012  I Can't Sell Anything. Oh yes you can!
11/13/2012  What the Heck are Insulinomas?
11/12/2012  3 Cheers to Nordstrom!
11/10/2012  May I Share My Concern with You?
11/8/2012  Attention Power Customers!
11/7/2012  The Party's Over
11/6/2012  What Has Become of Good Customer Service?
11/5/2012  What if We Don't "Fall Back?"
11/1/2012  How's Biz?
10/31/2012  Tiz Almost the Season
10/30/2012  Don't Spam on Me
10/30/2012  Have You Lost Your Keys?
10/29/2012  Come Together, Right Now
10/26/2012  Live and Breathe It
10/24/2012  2012 - The Year of the Breach
10/23/2012  Dog Gone It
10/20/2012  What's Up Doc?
10/17/2012  Join the Party
10/15/2012  I Am NOT an Advertising Guru
10/13/2012  Read the "Pool" Rules Before Diving In
10/12/2012  Bizarre and Unique Holidays
10/11/2012  Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
10/10/2012  Genetic Mutation
10/9/2012  I Want it, and I Want it Now!
10/6/2012  Much More Than the Stay at Home Mom
10/5/2012  It's All Relative
10/4/2012  A Team by Any Other Name
10/3/2012  The Last Presidential Campaign Is Always the Worst
10/1/2012  No One Ever Said it Would be Easy
9/28/2012  Ah, Sweet Chocolate
9/27/2012  Daily IBO Activities
9/26/2012  Great Expectations
9/25/2012  WWII Snippets
9/24/2012  Trust Starts with Truth and Ends with Truth
9/21/2012  I Do Not Want YOU on My Team
9/20/2012  School Daze, School Daze
9/19/2012  “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything e
9/18/2012  There is Work, and there is “Work”
9/17/2012  Top Ten Inventions that Changed the World
9/14/2012  Never Again...
9/13/2012  How We Learn
9/12/2012  Teaching, Not Just Using IBOToolbox
9/11/2012  I Am Trying to Focus
9/11/2012  Tell the Universe What You Want
9/7/2012  The Funnel Revisited
9/5/2012  What Are You Waiting For
9/4/2012  YOU Are Number 1!
9/3/2012  Let's All Grow Up!
9/1/2012  Characteristics of a Successful Network Marketer
8/31/2012  Life in the 1960's
8/30/2012  Good Was Not Good Enough
8/29/2012  Commitment, Devotion and Passion
8/28/2012  Why Should I Blog?
8/27/2012  A Slice of Life
8/24/2012  Life is the Sum of All Your Choices – Albert Camus
8/23/2012  The Times They Are a-Changin'
8/17/2012  Playing Catch Up
8/15/2012  Here Comes the Bride
8/14/2012  Arrogant Americans
8/13/2012  Totally Unique Bonuses
8/9/2012  Mount Gleason Hiking Tour
8/8/2012  The Failing United States Education System
8/7/2012  A Visit to the Dentist
8/6/2012  I do xxx really well…
8/4/2012  The New Normal
8/3/2012  No More MLM Hoppers!
8/2/2012  Let it Be
8/1/2012  The Olympians
7/28/2012  I Just Do Not Get It
7/27/2012  Honk, Honk!
7/26/2012  Are You Qualified to be Your Own Boss?
7/25/2012  One-on-One Training vs. Corp/Website Training
7/24/2012  Stranded on the Freeway
7/23/2012  Are You Lacking Motivation?
7/21/2012  Got a Toothache?
7/20/2012  My Baby Boy – All Grown Up
7/18/2012  Another Sleepless Night
7/17/2012  What is Going to Happen to Discount Healthcare Plans?
7/16/2012  "A goal properly set is halfway reached." Abraham Lincoln
7/15/2012  And The Winner Is...
7/13/2012  When You’re Smiling, the Whole World Smiles at You
7/12/2012  Meet My Dear Friend…
7/11/2012  What Language ARE You Speaking?
7/10/2012  Boom!
7/9/2012  I Don't Believe It!
7/6/2012  Heading Home
6/27/2012  Packing - Tips & Tricks
6/26/2012  California Here I Come
6/25/2012  Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
6/23/2012  Let's See... Food or My Prescription?
6/22/2012  The Disappearance of the Shopping Mall
6/21/2012  Amazing New Invention for Physicians - the Stethescope!
6/20/2012  Searching for a Home Biz
6/19/2012  Attention Hypochondriacs!
6/18/2012  The Future Me
6/13/2012  I Hate "Reality" TV
6/11/2012  Change Please
6/11/2012  Clearing Out the Old
6/8/2012  What Shall I Talk About?
6/7/2012  Driving Me Crazy!
6/4/2012  I do NOT Like to Exercise
6/1/2012  We are In the Winner's Circle
5/31/2012  Yosemite National Park
5/29/2012  A New Week, a Fresh Start
5/25/2012  Just My Opinion...
5/25/2012  I Am Blown Away!
5/22/2012  Fire!
5/18/2012  Oops!
5/12/2012  How rude!
5/11/2012  My Mentor
5/10/2012  May I Have Some Change?
5/8/2012  I Don't Need Training
5/4/2012  The West End Fair
5/1/2012  I Wish I Had Known Benjamin Franklin
4/30/2012  A Very Good Day
4/28/2012  I Want to Work from Home
4/27/2012  Who was Haym Solomon?
4/26/2012  The Part-Time Home Business Owner
4/25/2012  Childhood Memories
4/24/2012  I am so proud of my team!
4/23/2012  Showing IBO Spirit!
4/19/2012  Leaving California
4/14/2012  I Got a “Code” in My Nose
4/13/2012  I’m Ready to Throw a Shoe Through My Computer!
4/6/2012  Caring for Our Four-Legged Friends
4/5/2012  Helping Senior Citizens
3/26/2012  Discount Savings
3/21/2012  I Just Have to Share This!
3/19/2012  Myriad Ways to Recruit and Sell Your Product
3/13/2012  The 5 "P's" to a Successful Home Business
3/9/2012  Millions Have No Health Benefits
3/5/2012  I Love My Home Business!
3/3/2012  On Being a Good Leader