posted on: 7/26/2011 6:21:31 AM EST
It's about TEAM
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Obviously, I got into this whole network and online marketing business for selfish reasons: I wanted money.

We are all here for that. That's no secret. However, I've learned, rather quickly might I add, that the true secret to making money in these business opportunities lies in the teamwork and synergy you create with your downline.

Your downline is not some sacrificial pawn in a grand game of chess. Even a pawn can be a powerful player! If you treat your downline like you don't care about them, they have a higher than average chance of not producing to potential. Now, who does that hurt in the end?

Build relationships with your downline. Be involved in what they are doing. Share with them the burden of their workload. Their success means your success. Their success means you will make money.

Once you can break that mold, and start to do for others instead of just taking care of you first, your business will start to grow. It's a sort of enlightenment! You should rally your troops! Be a leader. Be motivational. All those things that you read, you must be!

All these links you see between these breaks--none of them are mine. They are all different. They are all my team members. I want their success, and so I promote them. If you are not a part of AutoXTen yet, choose any of the links in this blog. You will be joining a team, an unselfish team. A team that will help you become successful!

There is no 'I' in team!


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