posted on: 8/3/2011 10:47:11 PM EST
Needed Help Moving
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A buddy of mine called me and asked me to take him to the airport. I did.

A couple days later her calls again and asks me to help him unload a huge UHaul truck. I did.

I didn't ask for a thing in return. Why would I? He's my buddy, my pal, my friend. One day I may call and need his assistance.

My fingers are burning today from picking up the boxes and pulling and pushing the hand truck. My back was already stiff when I awoke this morning. I'm all man, but a relaxing bath would probably work some wonders right about now.

There's a certain gratification that I feel deep inside when I freely help out another. That's reward enough!

Why this little excerpt? It's more of the same that I always talk about. Helping one another succeed is really our only way. Face it, you can't make your business work without people. We have to take care of one another. Second point is this: it takes hard work, my friends. It's not realistic to expect abnormally large returns of your investment in an ultra-short amount of time. If it were that simple, everyone would do it, we'd all be rich, and there'd be no debt. Honestly, this kind of marketing takes some work. Especially if you have people in your downline that aren't holding their own. You must work for your team. You've got to pick up the slack. The reward is waiting. I can promise you that. But, if you pick up the reigns for only a moment, and then dismount you don't see results the way you want to see results in as fast as time as you want to see them.  You will probably jump from company to company and experience loss after loss. Dig in!  Don't be afraid to work. Good things will come! We reap only what we sow.


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