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These Three “Lines” Close Sales Like Magic (see why)
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These Three “Lines” Close Sales Like Magic (see why)

On Monday, February 20, 2012….

…everyone was on this conference call to hear co-founder David Sharpe dissect how to master the art of closing. On it, he taught how to close sales into your business with AUTHORITY – so if you’re not closing at least one sale a day right now, you’re about to see why (trust me, it will be painfully obvious). You’ll even learn how to close more sales than the so called “closers”…all WITHOUT ever picking up the phone (it’s a simple trick). If you want to go places and do things in your business – you need to know how to close – and that’s what you’re about to learn how to do, in dramatic (and profitable) fashion. Download the audio below (for free) and start listening now….

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Listen to this 3-4 times n the next week (…and take notes and use ‘em)!


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Adrian Frank   1198 day(s) ago
Again, thank you, EVERYONE, for all your wonderful and KIND comments on my Press Release about the 3 lines that close sales like magic!  GO IBO and GO all of YOU! To our MUTUAL success! God bless! :D
Eugene Wallace   1213 day(s) ago
Great Information And Thank You Very Much....
Dr Muthu    1213 day(s) ago
Good PR, Adrian.
Adrian Frank   1213 day(s) ago
Thank you, EVERYONE, for all your wonderful and KIND comments!  GO IBO and GO all of YOU! To our MUTUAL success! God bless! :D
Brandy Evans   1232 day(s) ago
Great press and shared this on Twitter for you! Congrats on being the FMOTD!

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10/31/2012  Emily Maynard and Jef Holm look forward to future
10/31/2012  Calif. police brace for protests after shootings
10/30/2012  Real Madrid rout Oviedo to open pre-season
10/30/2012  Airline bid to block consumer protections rejected
10/29/2012  U.S. rally to edge Spain in last warm-up
10/29/2012  A mausoleum built for Bolivar but worthy of Chavez
10/28/2012  Spain feels debt heat, Greece way off bailout terms
10/28/2012  Russia warns Syria against using chemical weapons
10/27/2012  NAFTA on Steroids
10/27/2012  Preying on the Poor
10/26/2012  Ban the Bomb, Don’t Bank on It!
10/26/2012  Five Adjectives That Scream "Don't Vote Republican!"
10/25/2012  Climate Change is Here — and Worse Than We Thought
10/25/2012  Syria's Agony Prolonged While Russia and America Pursue Regional
10/24/2012  Congress Fiddles While the Post Office Burns
10/24/2012  Drought-Stricken American Corn Should Feed People, Not Cars
10/23/2012  Scandinavian Ship Sets Sail to Break Israeli Blockade in Gaza
10/23/2012  Thousands of UK Workers 'Blacklisted' Over Political Views Activi
10/22/2012  Crazy Weather: 'Virtually No Other Explanation Than Climate Chang
10/22/2012  Presidential Campaign as Olympics: Chuck Todd's Tired Routine
10/21/2012  Obama vs. Romney: A clear divide on renewable energy
10/20/2012  China reforms fail to end stocks' bad run
10/20/2012  Tea prices rise as output falls
10/19/2012  Aztec burial with skeleton, piles of 1,789 human bones uncovered
10/19/2012  When clothes don’t cooperate
10/18/2012  Alaska Airlines says plane with maintenance message on wing is sa
10/18/2012  New program teaches teens how to deal with high blood pressure
10/17/2012  Why Americans Aren’t Having Babies—and How It Hurts Us
10/17/2012  America’s Most (and Least) Livable States
10/16/2012  Worst and best US beaches to wear an Olympic beach volleyball bik
10/16/2012  Carnival Cruise Lines to offer early boarding, for a price By Pau
10/15/2012  Hot Links: Jennie Garth in no rush to start dating after divorce
10/15/2012  Camouflaged Residence Discovered in California Park
10/14/2012  50 Tons of Litter Pulled from Pacific
10/14/2012  US jobless claims rise to 386K on seasonal factors
10/13/2012  Rebels keep pressure on Assad, fight near government buildings
10/13/2012  Arpaio: Obama birth record ‘definitely fraudulent’
10/11/2012  Attack on Israeli tourists kills at least six in Bulgaria
10/11/2012  Bulgaria Official: Blast Suspect Had Fake Michigan Driver’s Licen
10/10/2012  Glacier in north Greenland breaks off huge iceberg
10/10/2012  US-born kids of migrants lose rights in Mexico
10/9/2012  Funding cut imperils undersea lab off Fla. Keys
10/9/2012  AIDS specialists aim to jump-start hunt for a cure
10/8/2012  Death toll rises to 31 in Tanzania ferry accident
10/8/2012  Obama, Romney tangle on health care, jobs
10/7/2012  Expecting Overnight Success: an Encouraging Letter to a Good Frie
10/6/2012  Strategist is central figure against gay marriage
10/6/2012  Iraqis flee Syria in droves, some evacuated by air
10/5/2012  Campaign resumes after pause for Colorado shooting
10/5/2012  Arab League backs Palestinian plan on UN status
10/4/2012  Coordinated Iraq attacks kill 103
10/4/2012  8 Cute Animals Model Ryan Lochte’s Sunglasses
10/3/2012  South Africa's Zuma refuses to sack aide over books scandal
10/3/2012  Qatar Holding adds to Xstrata stake in weak market
10/2/2012  Mitt Romney Olympic Archive Still Off-Limits
10/2/2012  Veep Beat: How Pawlenty’s Lack of Pizzazz Helps VP Chances
10/1/2012  China seeks N. American energy reserves, know-how
10/1/2012  Sudan army clashes with Darfur rebels near border
9/30/2012  Fighting in Syria's 2nd city persists overnight
9/30/2012  Weak German factory data sends shares, euro lower
9/29/2012  Cybill Shepherd engaged to marry for third time
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9/27/2012  Ignorant Outsiders Errantly Believe Affiliate Marketing is Multi-
9/27/2012  Have you fell victim to a Ponzi Scheme before?...
9/26/2012  News Summary: New Mac system out Wednesday
9/26/2012  Company Update, Payment Tech, How To Use Systems, and More…
9/25/2012  Netflix’s 2Q numbers disappoints, stock plunges
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9/24/2012  Did the Bain Attacks Have a Lasting Effect on Romney?
9/24/2012  Bootcamp Day 6: “Respect, Influence and the Empower Triangle…”
9/23/2012  Sunbed tanning kills 800 in Europe every year: study
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9/22/2012  The TRUTH About Money, Marketing and Happiness
9/21/2012  These Three “Lines” Close Sales Like Magic (see why)
9/21/2012  Mich. lottery winner on welfare gets probation
9/19/2012  How To Grow Through Promotional Cycles, and Make a ‘Sting’ in the
9/19/2012  Rains give mild relief to drought, grain prices tumble
9/17/2012  How Empower Network Is Creating A ‘Prosperity Virus’
9/17/2012  Re: (Empower Hour Call) Don't miss this call TONIGHT!
9/16/2012  How To Live Anywhere, CREATE FREEDOM, and Join The ‘New Rich’…
9/16/2012  Life sentence in Jennifer Hudson family slayings
9/15/2012  Let’s Lock Arms, And Fight The Forces of Evil…
9/15/2012  Top 10 Metros With Rising Home Prices
9/14/2012  How To PAY YOUR MORTGAGE by Blogging… (video proof)
9/14/2012  The 10 Emptiest U.S. Cities 2012
9/13/2012  Tracey Walker Has Her First $4,800 Day, By Posting Her Story In A
9/13/2012  ‘Gold Coast’ Mansion in Old Brookville, N.Y., Has Super-Awesome F
9/12/2012  INSIDE! Newbie defies ALL odds and rises up from the ashes to mak
9/12/2012  Los Angeles Sues U.S. Bank, Calls It a 'Slumlord'
9/11/2012  House of the Day (Reader's Choice): Rehoboth Beach Beauty
9/11/2012  Anderson Cooper's Manhattan Pad Sells for $3.8 Million
9/10/2012  Listing Fails: The Best of the Worst in Real Estate This Week
9/10/2012  Be. On. This. LIVE. CALL. TONIGHT.
9/9/2012  The Secret to Getting Great Kitchen Counters
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9/8/2012  HOT Letter About the Evils of MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales
9/8/2012  Studies Done on Shilajit, the herb that contains 86 of the TOTAL
9/7/2012  MLM Industry has “Pyramid Schemes”? Best check YO’SELF!
9/7/2012  The Power of Language
9/6/2012  If making money in your business isn’t EASY, you ain’t doing it r
9/6/2012  President Obama Praises Self for Ending War in Iraq on Bloodiest
9/5/2012  Obama on Colorado Shooting Such Evil Is Senseless
9/5/2012  Obama Responds to Colo. Shooting, Cancels Second Event
9/4/2012  Four of Romneys Sons Didnt Want Him to Run
9/4/2012  Bill Nye the Obama Guy
9/3/2012  Veep Beat: The Romneys Say No Decision Yet
9/3/2012  Hillary Clinton Close to Paying Off 2008 Campaign Debt
9/2/2012  Gingrich and Snooki Talk Strippers With Jay Leno
9/2/2012  Empower Network NOW GLOBALLY Traffic Ranked at #554 on
9/1/2012  GOP To Cite Fisker Auto Maker as Argument Against Obama
9/1/2012   McCain Defends Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Against Bachmann Accusat
8/31/2012  Veep Beat: Contenders Hit the Trail for Romney
8/31/2012  Greek recession to be much worse than expected: PM
8/30/2012  Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, dies at 61
8/30/2012  AT&T beats estimates with earnings of $0.66 per share in Q2, acti
8/29/2012  Romania opposition calls for referendum boycott
8/29/2012  Korean steelmaker Posco's profits down 66%
8/28/2012  Egypt’s Mursi names little-known water minister as PM
8/28/2012  Gunmen attack NATO supply trucks in Pakistan: officials
8/27/2012  Ex-Cameron aide charged with hacking; Jolie charge emerges
8/27/2012  How in the WORLD does Face book have OVER 900,000,000 users?!
8/26/2012  Families With Dogs Have Healthier Children
8/26/2012  Sugar Substitutes Must Be Just That
8/25/2012  Charity overstated benefits, ignored risks, professors say
8/25/2012  Key Warns On One-Way Bets On Kiwi As RBNZ Has Rate-Cut Scope
8/24/2012  Rice Hoard Offers World Respite As Food Costs Surge: Commodities
8/24/2012  Junk Bond Stress At Record Low As Defaults Slow: Credit Markets
8/23/2012  OpenTable Soars After Boosting Full-Year Profit Outlook
8/23/2012  Apple Reveals Tactics In First Week Of Samsung Trial
8/22/2012  New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro Erupts, Ash Cloud Disperses
8/22/2012  Zeek Rewards/Zeekler UPDATE: Zeek Rewards Refund Receivership Web
8/21/2012  How does the Chick-fil-A sandwich stack up?
8/21/2012  Zeek Rewards/Zeekler UPDATE: YOUR refund via the Court Appointed
8/20/2012  McDonald's is answering tough, sometimes bizarre customer questio
8/20/2012  UPDATE: Zeek Moving To Europe – $225 million in Zeek assets to b
8/19/2012  Rains bring floods to NCR, provinces
8/19/2012  ‘My Mom Said I Could’: The Greatest Condom Commercial Ever
8/18/2012  How Do Olympic Parents Handle Watching Their Kids Swim?
8/18/2012  Why I Hate Barbie: See Her Proportions On A Real Woman
8/17/2012  Inside Olympics 2012: London; the Olympic Village Thru the Eyes o
8/17/2012  Hang in there, Zeek Rewards friends! Fellow IBO-ers, let's be en
8/16/2012  Are All the Olympic Athletes Being ‘Good Sports’?
8/16/2012  Dispatches From the Parent ‘Hood: Top Tweets ‘O’ The Week
8/15/2012  Would You Buy ‘Divorce Bling’ To Commemorate the Demise of Your M
8/15/2012  Parents Marry at Son’s Funeral`
8/14/2012  Ryan Lochte Says He’s Not a One-Night Stand Kind of Guy, Despite
8/14/2012  Splitting Hairs: Why Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Faces Criticism
8/13/2012  Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon pricing and configurations revealed
8/13/2012  Fan interest for TimeSplitters 4 not high enough yet, Crytek says
8/12/2012  Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh: Gold-Medal Match Is End of Era
8/12/2012  2012 Summer Olympics: Biggest Surprises in London So Far
8/11/2012  Usain Bolt: World's Fastest Man Will Make 200-Meter Look Easy
8/11/2012  Olympic Basketball 2012 Scores: Quarterfinal Results, Stats &
8/10/2012  London 2012: Aly Raisman Has Last Laugh for Uber-Talented US Olym
8/10/2012  London 2012: Pole Vaulter Lazaro Borges Suffers Spectacular Pole
8/9/2012  Why doesn’t sand stick to beach volleyball players?
8/9/2012  Ryan Lochte’s mystery woman is actually his sister
8/8/2012  America's most beautiful mansions
8/8/2012  Summer clothes guys think are sexy
8/7/2012  HOT DAMN: Expensive Asthma/Allergy Medication Singulair Goes Gene
8/7/2012  IUDs Gaining Popularity In U.S.
8/6/2012  India software group Wipro’s net profits up 18%
8/6/2012  Big Ben to ring for three minutes to herald Games start
8/5/2012  Firefighters close in on deadly Spain blaze
8/5/2012  Portugal PM puts austerity before election victory
8/4/2012  Lawyers for Kohl’s Sue Retailer Over Zooey Deschanel Lawsuit
8/4/2012  Pink Moon Rising
8/2/2012  Astronauts Shoot Millionth Photo From Space Station
8/2/2012  Apollo 11 Booster Found by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
8/1/2012  Dolphins Lead ‘Complicated’ Social Lives
8/1/2012  Utility Madness: The $1.3M Electric Bill
7/31/2012  Purses With Lead Sold at Popular Retailers, Consumer Group Finds
7/31/2012  New iPad Too Hot to Handle? Users Report Burning Temperatures
7/30/2012  Nokia Patents Vibrating Tattoo, Lets You Feel Alerts
7/30/2012  Create App for Homeless Vets, Win $25K
7/28/2012  Half of Baby Boomers to Leave Inheritance to Kids
7/28/2012  ‘Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D’ Game Review
7/27/2012  ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Game Review
7/27/2012  Gisele Bundchen is World’s Highest-Paid Model
7/26/2012  Don’t Take Your Kitchen for Granite! ;)
7/26/2012  I’m the Mongoose to your Cobra
7/25/2012  Read for FREE About How To Affiliate Marketing, And How To Earn M
7/25/2012  Basic, Easy and FREE Guide On How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketi
7/23/2012  Building your Online or Affiliate Business and Marketing it via B
7/23/2012  How to Handle Awkward Face book Friend Requests
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7/21/2012  The Hard to Swallow Truth and Facts About Flouride in Your Water
7/21/2012  The Unlimited Potential of Idiot Savants and those with Asperger’
7/18/2012  How To PAY YOUR MORTGAGE by Blogging… (video proof)
7/18/2012  Tracey Walker Has Her First $4,800 Day, By Posting Her Story In A
7/17/2012  LOOK AT THIS (seriously)
7/17/2012  VICTORY! She lies in bed, CURLED in pain from spinal disease – an
7/15/2012  What the hell just happened in Atlanta?
7/15/2012  The Republic of… What?
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7/14/2012  For MAXIMUM Cellular Absorption; be sure to use IONIC SOLUTION in
7/13/2012  High School Dropout Makes $94,000 In 60 Days Online…
7/13/2012  HOT letter: I just wrote this (and sent) to a friend of mine who
7/12/2012  You’re the Tops. You’re the Tower of Pisa…you’re the Granite Coun
7/12/2012  Empower Network now Globally ranked #753 on
7/11/2012  How in the WORLD does Face book have Almost 840,000,000 users?!
7/11/2012  MLM Industry has “Pyramid Schemes”? Best check YO’SELF!
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7/9/2012  Affiliate Marketing for Success - What You Can Do to Achieve it
7/8/2012  I’m the Mongoose to your Cobra
7/8/2012  Don’t Take Your Kitchen for Granite! ;)
7/7/2012  Read for FREE About How To Affiliate Marketing, And How To Earn M
7/6/2012  Basic, Easy and FREE Guide On How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketi
7/6/2012  Building your Online or Affiliate Business and Marketing it via B
7/5/2012  How to Handle Awkward Face book Friend Requests
7/5/2012  All About Affiliate Marketing: Advice That Can Take Your Affiliat
7/3/2012  Monetize Your Internet Marketing Business Or Blog
7/3/2012  The Hard to Swallow Truth and Facts About Flouride in Your Water
7/2/2012  The Unlimited Potential of Idiot Savants and those with Asperger’