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Fit Over 40: Short Article On Anti-Aging
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Here is a special Health and Fitness Bulletin
concerning fitness past the age of 40.


Special Bonus Report Available

A reminder -- "Slow Poisoning", the eye-opening
report by health journalist John Erb, is now
available in the "Fit Over 40" members area.

Anyone who owns a copy of "Fit Over 40" now
receives FIVE free bonus e-books/reports:

--- > "The Menopause Solution" by Jill Langham;
--- > "Why Grow Old" by Orison Swett Marden;
--- > "Natural Ways To Increase Your Testosterone"
by Men's Health Journalist Christian Finn
--- > "The Bill Pearl Interview" by Rob Cooper

AND "The Slow Poisoning of Mankind" by John
Erb. This incredible report is literally the report
given to The World Health Organization on the
toxic effects of one of the most common food
additives in America.

If you own "Fit Over 40", just visit the homepage
and login to the member's downloads.

If you do not own "Fit Over 40", get it here --

You can also pick up Frank Mangano's e-book,
"The Silent Killer Exposed", for a limited time.

Poverty And Obesity: A New Study Finds
A Remarkable Connection

While the rich and the affluent still face many
of the problems that come with the "king's
lifestyle", a new pattern is emerging in the
United States and, predictions state, Europe.

A new study shows that the trend of ill-health
and obesity is shifting rapidly to the poor and
less educated portions of the country.

The reason this is important to us all, other
than a concern for our nation's health as a
whole, is the economic strain this will place
on our already burdened health care system.

By the year 2012, if this trend increases, the
middle and upper classes will be looking at
massive increases in taxes to fund proposed
government plans to address the problem.

This is a problem that flat-out does NOT need
to exist. Everyone who can afford food at 'all'
can easily eat healthy and exercise.

Part of the confusion is due to the fact that the
billion dollar fitness industry has created a
myth -- that expensive food supplements and
organic foods are mandatory for good health.

While I believe in both, neither are mandatory.

It's the TYPE of food, and the COMBINATION
of the foods that make all the difference -- that,
and moderate calories, exercise, and proper
mental disposition.

This is covered in detail in the best-selling
e-book, "Fit Over 40", by Jon Benson and
Tom Venuto, CSCS.

Get it here --

In regards to the study, Dr. Janet Collins of the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
had this to say --

"Populations are no longer equal in terms of
experiencing health problems. Low-income
populations tend to experience all the health
problems we worry about at greater rates."

The five states with the highest obesity rates
in the 2005 consensus include Mississippi,
Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and

These same five states have higher rates
of poverty than the national norm.

Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest
obesity have less poverty. They are Colorado,
Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and

Each of these states also have more college
graduates and stronger education programs.

Education in health and fitness does not
need to be expensive, and it certainly does
not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

However, many fitness professionals and
nutrition 'gurus' lend that impression.

If you visit a gym today, especially in a
larger city, you'll see a myriad of devices
that, frankly, would give you a better workout
if you tried to pick them up and move them
out to the garbage dump.

It can be daunting and confusing for anyone!
But, this doesn't have to be the case. In fact,
as so many people report in "Fit Over 40",
workouts can be done in your own home
that will more than satisfy the needs of
most people.

The same goes for nutrition. While a few
people require "high-tech", expensive foods
(for medical reasons usually), the vast
majority of us can easily get the job done
at the local grocery store.

The best way to inspire change is to create
change in yourself. Start there, set the
example, and the word will spread.

Anyone can be fit and healthy, and they
can do it at ANY age, and at ANY income
level above absolute poverty.

Yours in health,

Alonda Cooper

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