posted on: 10/22/2011 3:53:07 PM EST
Lower Bills = Free money

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I would like to inform energy users in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and now New Jersey that they have a choice on their energy supplier. The deregulation of energy in this country is going on now. All the monopolies are being broken up. The energy companies have to make a choice to either deliver the energy or to supply it. They own all the lines, pipes and equipment so the choice is pretty clear that they want to deliver not supply. Ambit Energy is a company that supplies customers with electricity and natural gas (in some areas), and in most cases it is cheaper.

Ambit doesn't charge you a fee to switch and no contracts. You will still pay the bill to whomever you are paying now. There will be two differences on your bill 1 is that it will say that Ambit Energy is the supplier and 2 your rates will be lower.

Anyone interested check out . It cost you nothing to look and start saving money on a bill you pay each month. Email me with questions at

Ambit Energy Consultant

Anyone interested in the opportunity to make alot of money and watch the opportunity clip first

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