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The Un MLM everyone wins! every customer is rewarded
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One24 the unMLM

The new company One24, has introduced a revolutionary compensation plan called an IRP (Incentivized Referral Plan). Mark Seyforth, the company CEO has made the following statements regarding the IRP:

“The whole concept of 1-24 is to establish a business that is rewarding for everyone and where no one can ever get hurt financially”

“I have no doubt it will become viral and sweep the entire U.S. in the next 2 years.”

Here is One24 CEO, Mark Seyforth, describing the IRP:

“During the next few minutes I am going to share with you the first IRP (Incentivized Referral Plan) in the United States. Why is that important to you? Because you have the opportunity to be the first to share in another new first, the unMLM as I call it, an IRP an incentivized referral plan all based on customers. The IRP is such a disruption to the marketing systems today; thatI have no doubt it will become viral and sweep the entire U.S. in the next 2 years.

Why is this an unMLM?

Because of the unique closed marketing system of only 1 person a month (unless 1-24 opens the ‘Gold Rush’) and the simplified approach that requires less than an hour a week of time. The whole program is designed for those that do not like to sell or cannot sell effectively. In MLM you must have sales skills to be successful. And for those that do have those skills 1-24 will be ‘a walk in the park’.

What is linear compensation and how is this different than mlm compensation?

In linear compensation you get paid on all your non-relative members. In MLM you get paid on only a few if any of your non-relative members.

How will this be a disruption to the marketing systems today?

The whole concept of 1-24 is to establish a business that is rewarding for everyone and where no one can ever get hurt financially. The closed system of marketing with the waiting list creates a pent up demand and a creates for every person a reverse psychology of never having to sell since they are taking the opportunity away and can only put a person on a waiting list. Additionally the simplicity and the time requirements are unheard of in today’s sales strategies. And finally I believe the ‘Gold Rush’ will reduce the attrition rate to almost nothing! ……” - Mark Seyforth, One24 CEO

So look at my Video's. The same ones the company gives you when you become a customer
If you watch all 4 video's, like what you see, then get onto my waiting list!!!

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