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3/26/2014  My Doctor can out cure your Doctor
3/20/2014  What does it take to build this business?
1/20/2014  Get paid holding Natural Health workshops
12/31/2013  The Buzzword of 2014… “Telomeres”
7/11/2013  Get the younger side of Arthritis
5/30/2013  The “Losing” Benefits of Probiotics
5/23/2013  You want to optimize your health… take your B vitamins!
5/19/2013  Heart Surgeon tells the truth about Heart Disease. Things I alrea
5/16/2013  Womens Health Week is NOW!
5/9/2013  The King of the Blackcurrants… the New Zealand Blackcurrant
5/8/2013  Dallas Cowboys, Drew Pearson, has joined Youngevity®
5/6/2013  The McDonalds Effect
5/6/2013  Are you part of the 40%???
4/18/2013   Our Changing World… Are You Changing With It?
4/14/2013  Fiber-Rich = Health-Rich
4/14/2013  CANCER, the biggest moneymaker of all time!
4/7/2013  GMO, Sick Care Your sick kids
4/6/2013  What are you reading lately? Blood Pressure?
4/4/2013  "Confirming your Conscience" Not what your Medical Doctors Wants
3/28/2013  Teach an old dog new Nutrition Tips!
3/23/2013  Sleep... Over-rated or Under-rated?
3/21/2013  Spring Fever Has Arrived
3/9/2013  Excersize without proper suplimentation IS SUICIDE
3/9/2013  Chocolate for Diabetes?
3/1/2013  8 year old qualifies for the car bonus
2/22/2013  Statin Drugs Among other things Damage your muscles
2/21/2013  What’s with the Vitamin D Buzz!
2/21/2013  Where to start when it comes to heart health
2/8/2013  It's National Happy Heart month Is your Heart Happy and fit?
2/6/2013  Chocolate, WHy do people run from it/
1/27/2013  Our love for sugar drinks is getting dangerous
1/27/2013  what do you know about Folic acid and pregnacy?
1/25/2013  Clemson Research Study Results. No one has what we have. INR
1/10/2013  Digestion issues? it's a growing concern and easily remedied.
1/10/2013  Stay away from Norol
12/12/2012  Here is Mark and Holly's Story
12/10/2012  How healthy are your blood sugar levels??? It's really easy to co
12/10/2012  Why we need Vitamin "D"
10/26/2012   Just Breathe… Easier said than done
10/24/2012  Even the Healthiest Women Can Develop Breast Cancer
9/30/2012  No one knows what increases the risks of Breast cancer
9/29/2012  With this background you can't lose
9/25/2012  Let’s Prepare… October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
8/29/2012  woke up crying, Pain free after 43 years
8/18/2012  One of the Many testimonies. This posted today
8/11/2012  Choose, Die fast and healthy or Die slowly and sick. Please help
8/10/2012  FDA Approved Health claim. Only nutritional Company like this to
8/9/2012  The truth about Cholesterol,
8/7/2012  Is being Vegetarian the way to go? Or not?
8/3/2012  Don't understand people
7/29/2012  What is GMO? Genetically Modified
7/28/2012  Germany has banned this. But Americans are eating it every day
7/28/2012  Are you consuming this man made poison? I bet you are and don't e
7/27/2012  Coffee being healthy or Starbucks at 500 calories. I have the ans
7/23/2012  3000 years and still one of the best things for your body
7/23/2012  Is your Doctor being Bribed to recommend this?
7/18/2012  Kills More People Than Heart Disease or Cancer (But Hardly Anyone
7/17/2012  Common drugs you take are Making you forgetfull.
7/10/2012  29 billion reasons your doctor is lying to you about your Cholest
7/9/2012  Soy? Another so called "Health food" which may nt be good for you
7/8/2012  Diet, Doctor- and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer
7/8/2012  The Lies You’re Told about Genetically Engineered Foods, And "Fol
7/7/2012  Depression, Drugs, and DHA
7/6/2012  Fluoride, causing more harm than good. causing Brain damage over
7/6/2012  A Happy Heart Equals A LONG, FIT LIFE!
7/4/2012  What is Colloid, Why do I ned it and where does it come from and
7/3/2012  High Fructose Corn Syrup: Junk Food for Your Brain
7/2/2012  Alzhiemers, types and cures
6/28/2012  The 90 Essential Nutrients you need for optimum health
6/27/2012  Selenium Plus CoQ10 Lowers Heart Disease Mortality
6/26/2012  The Magic of Mushrooms...
6/25/2012  Calcium and Kidney stones. Repost from associate Keith
6/25/2012  No Profit from Drugs
6/24/2012  The beginning of being beautiful once again! Posted by Emily.
6/19/2012  Testimonies like this are common, but this one stands out.
6/18/2012  No Profit from Good Health
6/16/2012  Men’s Special Nutritional Needs
6/8/2012  Recent facts on the Home Business Movement
2/7/2012  Is Wazzub competetors better? Read this and compare
1/29/2012  What is Wazzub and How do we get paid?
1/25/2012  More Truths about Wazzub. No Scam here. Read on...
1/21/2012  Maybe you know the global brand NIKE, and we guess you know HILTO
12/31/2011  Wazzub is here to stay, read why
12/29/2011  What exactly is Wazzub???
12/19/2011  Wazzub is breaking records see this and see why
12/18/2011  A Fun Home page thats new and it could take over Google, Twitter,
12/17/2011  From the Wazup family blog. Never been done before.
12/11/2011  MLM – Illegal Scheme or Legit Business?
12/11/2011  The perfect business
12/3/2011  Prostitution, Unemployment, Desperation, and Money
10/26/2011  The ultimate networker...
10/15/2011  How to profit in Economic downturns
9/26/2011  What are MLM Feeder Programs
9/14/2011  Poverty most of us have been there
8/11/2011  Citizen Corp Reviews
8/10/2011  will you continue or quit?
6/22/2011  The ease of starting a home based business
6/15/2011  it affected banks
6/10/2011  So You Want to Join a Start-up MLM?
6/8/2011  Building relationships to build your business
6/8/2011  Network Skeptics, Should they be?
6/6/2011  What is a pyramid Scheme
6/2/2011  Why Network Marketing as a home business
5/30/2011  Can you do Network Marketing?
5/29/2011  The Un MLM everyone wins! every customer is rewarded
5/27/2011  Network Marketing-It's an Asset, Not a Job