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Marketing 101
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Most people learn the hard way. We start with a business plan and great products. But with no marketing plan and little consideration for how we are going to make sales, our business struggles at best.

To advertise our products we talk to friends, pass out business cards, cold call strangers, purchase leads, and yes... even put a website on the Internet... just hoping someone will buy something.

We try to get anyone and everyone to look at our product or business. We spread the word with little consideration for who we are advertising to or what they really want with the same result... not interested.

Been there done that! (Yes, I learned the hard way, too.)

Advertising is not enough. Advertising alone leaves the most important factor out of the equation... the customer.

Why should your potential customer want what you are advertising?

If they happen to want it, why should they buy it from you?

Marketing goes beyond advertising to consider the people you want to serve (target market), their needs, and how your product or service fills those needs.

In simple terms, marketing is how you find prospects most interested in what you are selling and provides them a reason to buy it from you.

Making sales is not about what you want. It's about your prospect and what they want. When the 'Golden Rule' is applied to your marketing, sales are a natural result of satisfying the needs and wants of the market.

TE Profits is a marketing system that targets your advertising to the wants and needs of Traffic Exchange users. Instead of advertising products or services you would like to sell, you put the potential customer first by giving them help they desperately need.

When you target the needs of active surfers and use the TE Profits system to follow up with your leads, you are marketing TrafficHoopla, TrafficWave, SuccessQUIK, ResidualQUIK and more automatically. The combination of these products and services is greater than the sum of the parts. You are giving them many reasons to join your recommended affiliate programs or to purchase something from you.

Be sure to read the article titled The Market for a detailed discussion of the Traffic Exchange marketplace. In that article we look at the habits of surfers, many of whom behave like gold diggers and gamblers. The more you understand the market, the better you are able to reach them with targeted advertising.

TE Profits is highly targeted to Traffic Exchange users. As active surfers, these prospects are already in 'the market'. However, they are not our only prospects.

Expanding your advertising beyond the TE market will help provide a steady stream of prospects into your sales process. Reach beyond the immediate TE crowd and you are also marketing Traffic Exchanges.

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