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The Power of Vulnerablity.
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Hello everyone!
Last evening I was chatting with a good friend of mine, Jacob Dantzler. We were going over the aspects of personal self-development journey that a lot of us take on when becoming a serious mlm/network marketer. One big topic that came up was being vulnerable... I know, heavy word huh?!

I don't know about you, but I sure haven't liked being vulnerable! Ok, so now, what have I learned? Being vulnerable simply means that I have been feeling Fear! (And,yes, at times, I do still feel vulnerable/afraid.)

Jacob shared with me a video by Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability which validated me in my personal journey with vulnerability BIG time! I want to share it here with you in hope that no matter where you are in your self-discovery and development, that you too will be validated and continue! Continue to reach out to those who extend their hand. :-)

Here's that link again:

Remember, Don't quit! and if you have to, as Joyce Meyers says 'Do it afraid!' and Brene Brown says, 'Lean into the discomfort!'

Please, if you have any personal quotes that empower you, please feel free to share. You never know how you could make a difference in someone' life....just by opening up and being Wonderful You! :-)

'Let' Journey Together the Better Way!

' Helping People Help Themselves!

PS. Jacob can be reached here:
PPS. Here's my personal income success system:

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