posted on: 8/6/2011 7:27:22 PM EST
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We have all seen the funny commercials on TV of people working a career that they have never done before all because they got a good nights sleep. The media does a great job of using our emotions, in this case our humor, to send a message that will stick. But in the industry of marketing on the computer whether it be affiliate marketing, information marketing, or network marketing you actually see that people are trying to do what they have absolutely no knowledge in doing whether they got a good nights sleep or not.

You can go to any social network, marketing community, or online classifieds and see how people are clearly uneducated on how to sell a product, service, or opportunity. When you can sit on Facebook and see the same individual throwing out links all day long hoping for a bite you know that they have yet to learn the basic rule of marketing. I will have more luck catching fish in a dried up lake then they will have building a business on the internet. They have yet to learn that people follow people, not opportunity. Don't get me wrong they will get a few people here and there but they will be their own clones and a strong foundation will never be built.

I am not here to say that these people are terrible or real life uneducated. Actually it is quite the opposite as I admire that they have chosen to try to make a difference in their life by jumping into an incredible industry. There are so many people out there that just want hand outs and most of us end up paying the tab for them. So don't take it as I am people bashing.

But could you imagine any of us deciding that we want to be surgeons and just walk into the operating room and dive right into an operating procedure. That would be absolutely insane. So my question is why are people jumping on the internet and not educating themselves on the basics before they even try to sell or give advice. If you think about it, it is really easy for a person to create any persona they want behind a computer screen. They understand that no one will really know who they are and even worse they really don't want people to know who they are. How many profiles are without a picture, or their name is obviously an alias.

So my point is that we need to help these people get educated. Build up a relationship with them and give them the hard truth about their marketing. We don't want these people being in the front lines of our industry. One bad experience for someone brand new to the profession will drive them away faster then a speeding bullet. Our lively hood relies on new people making a life choice and entering into the world of internet marketing and learning and building with us. There are so many resources to learn how to market. Mainly 'attraction marketing' or ' relationship marketing'. At least that is where they should start. I have yet to find or hear of an industry where you can become successful without having the knowledge and skill set to succeed. Have you? There are so many people out their that would love to take people under their wings and mentor them. We could compare it to doing an internship in traditional business structures.

Finally, to be completely honest with you, I was one of these people several years ago. Once I realized I was not advancing anywhere I had to stuff my ego in my pocket and choose to learn from those who had figured out the number one rule of marketing. People follow people! Even as a very successful businessman offline I came to a realization that that did not translate over to the internet. Traditional business is all about location and reputation. Well on the internet you have to create the location and the reputation. You can't just pull up to the internet store and ask to be in the middle of all the traffic. You have to learn to generate it and most importantly keep it.

I am always in the process of learning because the internet is constantly changing and adapting. Never feel that you know it all because you never will. No sales pitches or capture pages here. Just wanted to get this message out to you all. And again I am not saying that all the people reading this are doing this because many who are reading this have taught me along the way and are very fluent in successful marketing.

In conclusion my whole point is if you want to become successful please seek out advice and learn all that you can. Follow the people who are successful. Watch what they are doing. Look at the value they are giving others whether it is free or for profit. Look at their actions, how they communicate, and start to apply them. Don't take six months to figure out that your way is not the right way. Jump in and take a few months to educate yourself. Your product, service, opportunity and ultimately your finances will show from it. Don't aim blindfolded, open your eyes and hit the target.

Peace from the Rocky Mountains,

Chris McPherson

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