posted on: 5/18/2012 4:51:45 AM EST
So what's it all about
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I will tell you all a little more about the company I am an associate of.

The company originates from Canada,and is rapidly expanding across the Globe.

Although it is early days I have made a considerable gain on my initial deposit,and every day my account goes from strength to strength.

The company is part of the multi billion dollar advertising online industry and you basically buy advertising space off the company,who then go on to sell the space to people looking for advertising space.

The money generated from the sale is then returned to you (with a cap on it),meaning you can only earn up to that set cap limit,and the rest of the profit goes the company.

It's absolutely ingenious and I look forward to keeping you all informed as to my progress and further development within the company

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Ken Lount   1359 day(s) ago
Hi Valerie Please take a look at this opportunity. It is totally unique,and I promise you'll never look back. Forget MLM,ponzi etc this is the real deal. If you don't make money I GUARANTEE your deposit back,(or anyone else) who wishes to take up this opportunity What more can I say Regards Ken
Valerie E Young   1359 day(s) ago
very informative. love the title. its allows you to wonder.

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