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5/10/2017Beware the Silent Assassin
the power of words, self-sabotaging language, self-talk, positive self-talk, how to talk to yourself, Beware the silent assassin, the subconscious mind, how the subconscious mind works, what you say to yourself, positive affirmations, dream killer, subconscious beliefs.
4/27/2017I Know, I Know, I Know.
I know, understanding, knowledge, and reading and understand, knowledge is powerful when applied, How to learn, learning information, the best way to learn, using knowledge, knowledge, To know and not do is not to know. Knowing quotes, Stephen Covey quotes.
4/19/2017Every Wall is a Door.
Every wall is a door, hit a wall, climb over the wall, break through the wall, break through challenges, overcoming challenges, finding solutions, challenge yourself, take on a challenge, build a wall, wall quotes. Wall climbing, breaking the wall down, break through the wall.
4/5/2017Upgrade Your Life
Upgrade your life, how to upgrade your computer, upgrading your phone, upgrade your computer, upgrading your life, better choices, better life, better quality of life, better health, improve your life, trade up, trade in, successful business model, diet and exercise, best performance, higher standards, improving your life, adding to your life, replacing old habits, create new habits, make money online,
4/1/2017Life Isn't Complicated, we make it so...
Life isn't complicated, complicated lives, complications in life, people are complicated, sleeping w
3/25/2017He Dared to Speak Up.
He dared to speak up, Ketan Aggarwal, Gym goer complains, going to the gym, gym classes, use your vo
3/22/2017It's Your Life, Show Up and Make it Worth Living.
It’s your life, show up and start living, don’t be a no-show, missing appointments, be present, show up in life, important dates, great events, important event, not to be missed, celebrate your life, be open to change, have a plan of action, keep your word,
3/17/2017Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Are you lonesome tonight, Elvis Presley, loneliness, being alone, feeling alone, social isolation, o
3/14/2017To See the Good in the World You Must First See the Good in People.
see the good in the world, see the good in people, good people, bad people, the world, a better world, world peace, random acts of kindness, good news, bad new, news headlines, look for the good in people, there is good in people, see the best in people
3/4/2017Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion - Funny Story
Jumping to the wrong conclusions, drawing the wrong conclusions,avoid jumping to the wrong conclusions, misinterpretation of information,jumping to conclusions,don't jump to conclusions,get the facts,be informed,motorcycle holidays, Thailand, Thailand holidays,travel around Thailand,Thai food,traditional Thai food,Thai restaurants,funny story,Chang Thai beer,rural Thailand,living the dream,motorcycle holidays
3/1/2017Don't Wait for Someone to Speak Up on your Behalf
convenience stores, support small local business, grocery shopping, customer complaints, fresh produ
2/25/2017The Problem with Pity Parties
The problem with pity parties, Zig Ziglar quotes, pity parties, having a party, how to put on a party, party planning, plan a party, party planners, Christmas party, plan a Christmas party, party invitations, invite to a party, party invites, celebrate party, party celebration, feeling sorry for yourself, self-pity, enjoy the party, party pooper, gratitude list, feeling grateful.
2/22/2017Do You Have High Standards?
Do you have high standards, high standards, low standards, improving standards, raising standards, working standards, setting standards, setting goals, hitting goals, missing goals, take action, work standards, associations, health and well-being,
1/27/2017 Humble and Wealthy, Can you be Both?
Humble and Wealthy, Can you be Both? how to be wealthy, how to be be humble, humility,
1/15/2017Confidence Vs Arrogance, What's the Difference?
Confidence, how to be more confidence, increase confidence, arrogance, over confident, find your confidence, confidence vs arrogance, confidence attraction, attracted to confidence, confident attitude, confident men, confident women, how to achieve more confidence.
1/13/2017 Daddy's Home
stay at home dads, house husband, passive income, make money from home, online jobs, make money onli
1/11/2017Listening to Music Threatened Her Life
listening to music threatened her life,listening to music online, listening to music while at work, listening to music while studying, listening to music before bed, listening to music for relaxation, listening to music for inspiration, Musicogenic epilepsy, what is epilepsy? healing with music, music therapy, listening to music, Julie Congleton
1/9/2017Bring Your Own Sunshine.
Bring your own sunshine, bring your own, sunshine quotes, sunshine energy, positive energy, negative energy, positive mind, weather, travel, travel checklist, things to pack for travel, positive mindset, location of weather, weather forecast, unpredictable weather,
1/7/2017Recipe for Positive Parenting
Positive parenting, parenting guidance, how to parent your child, good parenting skills, improve parenting skills, recipe for positive parenting, follow recipes, quick recipes, easy recipes, baking, baking with children, baking for child, how to follow a recipe.
1/5/2017A Lesson in Listening from a Horse
A lesson in listening form a horse, pet therapy, animal farms, learning to listen, the art of listening, get better at listening, good listening skills, good listeners, Gary Miller farm Fort Saskatchewan, talk less listen more, develop better listening skills, how to be a better listener, how to listen to your kids.
1/3/2017Apparently There is Nothing That Cannot Happen Today.
Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today, anything can happen, anything is possible, endless possibilities, surprises, life surprises you, open mind, positive expectations, expect the unexpected, happening today, what’s happening? Make it happen, happy make it happen, comfort zones, outside your comfort zone,
1/1/2017Don't Forget Where You Put Your Key - to Success
Keys to success, lost keys, misplaced items, front door key, lack of focus, how to focus, find location, make money online, focus
12/30/2016You Must First Master Failure to Arrive at Success
ou must first master failure to arrive at success,Bev Austin quote, mastery, how to master success
12/28/2016Are You a 'Do as I Say' or 'Do as I Do' Parent?
Parenting, parenting skills, how to be a good parent, bad parenting, raising children, setting a goo
12/26/20165 Reasons Why You Make Better Food Choices When Paying by Cash
Food shopping, grocery shopping, shopping with cash, food shopping budget, smart shopping, smart shopper, eating out, shopping habits, credit card shopping, money in your pocket, money to spend, spending money, cash buyer, buying with cash, shopping habits, pain of payment, large budget, small budget, vice products, supermarket, bakery, food indulgence,
12/24/2016Be Grateful When Your Mood is High, Graceful When it is Low.
be grateful when your mood is high, good mood, bad mood, Good times, bad times, let the good times roll, good stuation,bad situation,handle the situation, high mood, low mood, change the mood,improve your mood,in the mood,Richard Carlson quote,how to change your low moods,be grateful, more gratitude, graceful, how to be graceful, graceful mood,have faith,work out in the end,celebrate the good.
12/22/2016Finish Strong
Finish strong, how to finish strong, a stronger finisher, great start, strong start, slow start, finish what you started, end of the year, Usain Bolt quote, fastest man on the track, starting blocks, fastest out of the blocks, running sports, strong beginnings,2016 ending, end of 2016,new year 2017, happy new year, strong starters, strong finishers.
12/20/2016Broken Links - How to Avoid Them
broken links, link rot, link death,html,WordPress,check your links, broken link checker,entrepreneur
12/18/2016Do you Realize How Great you Are?
Do you realize how great you are? you have greatness within you,you are great, how to be great at, great people, greatness definition, greatness quotes, faults, faultless,superpowers,superheroes,Muhammad Ali quotes,failure,realize your greatness, we all have greatness within, how to be great, find your greatness, tap into greatness.
12/16/2016You Aren't Wealthy Until you have Something Money Can't Buy.
You aren't wealthy until,real wealth, wealthy people, how wealthy people live,how to be wealthy,become wealthy,create wealth,do you wnat to be wealthy,definition of wealth,true wealth,things that money can't buy,money can't by everything,wealth is good,what is true wealth?what do wealthy people do? how wealthy people make money,make money like wealthy people,
12/14/2016An Unexpected Legacy - Short story by Bev Austin
An unexpected legacy, how to leave a legacy,inheritance,inherit a legacy, inheritance tax, reading o
12/12/2016A Vacancy for an Extraordinary Life.
A vacancy to be fulfilled,vacancy,vacancy rentals,vacancy employment,vacancy rates,vacancy space,vac
12/10/2016Do You Have Your Own Approval?
Do you have your own approval, seeking approval; seeking permission, how to be approved, and approva
12/8/2016Let Your Story be the Reason You Persist.
Let Your Story Be The Reason You Persist, life story, what’s your story, tell your story, a life of
12/6/2016Bless That Which You Want.
Bless that which you want,what do you want?Hawaiian philosophy, Huna, Hawaiian spirituality,Do you w
12/4/2016Get a Head Start on your New Year's Resolution.
New year resolution,breaking new year resolution,most popular new year resolutions,starting new year
12/2/2016You are Writing History
You are writing history, you are writing history with your life,History will be kind to me for I int
11/30/2016Hibernation of the Human Kind
What is hibernation?, hibernating animals,harsh winters,animals and cold weather,weather conditions,amazing animals, organs shut down,plot and plan for the spring,Henry Rollins quote,
11/28/2016Correct if you must, But Encourage More.
Correction, correcting others,right way to do things,wrong way to do things,stop correcting,encour
11/26/2016An Accidental Talent
Accident,life changing accident,diving safety,shallow pool,head injuries,recovering from head trauma,acquired savant syndrome, musical talent,playing piano,musical ability, accident survival,Synaesthesia,
11/24/2016My New book, The Bucket Philosophy
New book, Bucket Philosophy, A Bucket Full Just for You,book research,writing a book,bucket list, th
11/22/2016Be the Perfect Host - for this very important visitor
The perfect host,hostess with the mostess,very important visitor,VIV,dreams and goals,holiday season,family and friends visit,unexpected visitor,success, financial security,large bank balance,private jet,make money online,simple money making system,Easy1up
11/20/2016Who Do You Think You Are?
Maxwell Maltz self-image quote,Napoleom Hill self-confidence formula,Think and grow rich,who do you think you are,distorted self-image, passed experiences,your opinion,other people’s opinions,make money online,Simple money making system,Easy1up
11/18/2016I Dwell in Possibility.
I dwell in possiblility, It's possible, I'm possible,possibility thinking,anything is possible,posit
11/16/2016Dig a Little Deeper
Dig a little deeper,,Your greatness lies just beneath the surface, dig deep, you
11/14/2016Be Careful What You Ask For - You Might Get It
Be careful what you ask for, you might get it, Ask and you will receive,ask for more,careful what yo
11/12/2016Do it Right the First Time
Do it right the first time,do the right thing,get the job done,get the job done right,too busy,not e
11/10/2016Are You Out of Your Mind!!?
Are you out of your mind,mental illness,inventer Marconi,Albert Einstein,Henry Ford,thinking outside
11/8/2016Everything we Hear is Opinion Not Fact
Everything we hear is opinion not fact, the facts, get the facts, your opinion, what's your opinion?
11/6/2016Just Another Ordinary Day for Johnny
Just another ordinary day,ordinary days,Take your children to work day,take your daughters and son
11/4/2016Searching for the Optimal Engine..
Searching for the optimal engine, search engine, SEO,Enzo Ferrari, ferrari engines,ferrari engines f
11/2/2016Fail Better
Fail better,Samuel Beckett quote, fail forward,fail your way to success,fall quotes,how to fall,Easy
10/31/2016Are You Getting Ready to Be Ready?
All your ducks in a row,starting a business, how to make money online,progressive learning,make your
10/29/2016Being in the Dark May Be a Good Thing After All.
Bright lights,restaurant ambience,stress hormones,getting away from it all,creating the right atmosp
10/27/2016Real Happiness is Shared Happiness.
Real happiness, how to be happy, really happy, find happiness, happiness is an inside job, spread ha
10/25/2016Need a Hand?
Need a hand?,give someone a hand,a helping hand,need a hand quotes,what do you need a hand with?,giv
10/23/2016 Celebrate What You Want To See More Of
Celebrate what you want to see more of, celebrate quotes,want more money,want more happiness,want mo
10/21/2016Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.
Be yourself, everyone else is taken,Oscar Wilde quotes,be yourself,how to be yourself,celebrate bein
10/19/2016Are You Adding to Your Workload?
Are you adding to your workload? work week,working week, increased workload,how to reduce workload,w
10/17/2016A Bucket Full...Just For You
A Bucket Full Just For You!,bucket list,full bucket,empty bucket,Alice Roosevelt Longworth quote,a b
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