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Overstimulation in Babies
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Is that your baby I hear crying in the background? Is he hungry, tired, or have a dirty diaper? No? Well, what's wrong?

Mothers have a natural urge to protect and care for their babies. Often, the first question is, "Is he hungry?" If not, there are a list of other possibles that the very patient mother willl go through to figure out what is wrong with her little angel. Okay, so sometimes in the middle of the night, you may not feel so patient, but the truth is, you are, because you care about that little baby so much.

After a few months, mothers can often determine what is the cause of their baby's cries. However, there is one scenario that few mothers are aware of that happens all the time.

Babies can easily become overstimulated. An overstimulated baby will cry and fuss until the stimulation is taken away or they become exhausted from crying. The problem is when the caregiver is not sure why the baby is crying, so they try to continually distract him or entertain him with a toy.

In today's world, we use a lot of lights and sounds to entertain and "soothe" our babies. However, a baby can get fed up with all the noise and lights, and this is when overstimulation happens.

Watch closely for signs your baby is feeling overstimulated. Are they turning their head away from the object? Are they fussing? Are they trying to make eye contact with you, as a way of saying, "Get me out of here Mom!" Watch your baby's signs, and you can help prevent them from becoming overstimulated.

However, it happens to all of us. You are buzzing around, making supper, folding laundry, comforting your two-year old and helping kids with homework. You stick the baby in the swing, turn on the lights, motion and sounds, and walk away. Hey, we all do it ...there are times in every mother's life that are busy, hectic, and they do what they have to to just get through the day.

I want you to try something next time you are unsure what is wrong with your baby. This comes after you have checked the basics, of course. Place your baby in a safe place that has dim lighting, no mobiles or other moving toys, and as little sound as possible. They may cry for a few minutes, but my guess is, they will calm down and maybe even fall asleep.

I have seen this happen with my middle son, and with my friends' oldest child. There were times when these babies just had to placed in a safe, quiet place to "chill".

Let me know if this helps sure helped me when I had babies!

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