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Friends, do not do this:

This morning, we were personally insulted by a IBO member (no name, no sex mentioned because we would not do that) who: 1) has never met us, 2) has never looked us in the eyes, 3) has never met (we are sure) our previous supervisors, 4) has never asked us for resumes, education information or grades, 5) has never seen our bank accounts.

But, clearly, there was something about us or what we said that helped this person make a quick judgement and leave comments on the Internet of all places.

In practicing Social Networking, friends, never do that! We wish this person, and pray for this person to have a good life, great fortune and more. But, this person will be wasting time trying to write to us or post to us again!

Best regards,

Roger and Pamela Foulks
Achievements UnLimited Companies
Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A.

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Antonio Moore   1575 day(s) ago
That's a very unfortunate situation that happens all too often overtly or covertly everyday. We can't control the thoughts or actions of others, but we can control our own and how we respond. As you did, I pray for them, stay positive and keep it moving! :-)
Sigurd Skeie   1575 day(s) ago
Nope Friends or Real Marketers doesnt do that you tell us here. I know close to 100% that most of us who has worked around online and with marketing has got some of those. And I know one person last night was suspended from IBO coz of his way of acting, attacked me too. Respect is #1 Codex
Micki Scheuerman   1575 day(s) ago
I am sorry to say there has to be a person that maybe having a bad time of it and feels they have to take it out on some they are jealous of. With out my knowledge I hope I can help that person feel better about their self. I feel that you would too Pamela.
Bethany Koljonen   1575 day(s) ago
Thank you for very gently pointing out that we do not really know each other here, and MUST NOT make judgments against each other!

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