posted on: 2/1/2012 10:01:36 AM EST
Are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES??
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This is too awesome NOT to share!!!

Whatever It Takes

I am committed to doing Whatever It Takes.

The die has been cast. I’ve stepped over the line.

I am in the achievement zone. The decision has been made.

I look forward, keep moving, forge ahead and face each challenge.

I lead a life of abundance, walk by faith, plan immensely, dream colorfully, visualize creatively,
speak positively, give generously, while conceiving and achieving giant goals.

I am true to my values and to my word. I focus intently on taking the direct route to an exhilarating destination.

I persist relentlessly. I act right and act now.

I give up small things now to receive awesome things later.

I go over, under, and through obstacles. I love myself as I am and people are drawn to me like a magnet.

I produce excellent results by continuously and joyously doing my best.

I am committed to doing… Whatever It Takes!

Guys, for 13 LONG YEARS Tim and I lost more money then we earned.... But we now know the reason is we were the RIGHT Jockey on the WRONG horse! Changing horses made all the difference in the world!! Linda/RN 210-497-3218 / 210 497-7627

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