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Stem Cell Treatment and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Information
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There may be help for those that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

New breakthroughs in stem cell research may give you relief. If you or someone you know and love is suffering from this debilitating disease you will find this information most interesting and helpful.

Below are links to 7 different articles about the benefits of stem cell therapy and how stem cell treatments are helping people.

MS Cure Carmel Turner – News Broadcast

Stem Cells for MS Community Outreach: Patient Richard Humphries – Dallas, TX 2011

Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis – Community Outreach San Diego: Xenia C.

MS Cure Carmel Turner – The story of Ben Leahy

Betty Helm – MS Stem Cell Patient 3 Years Later

Stem Cell Regenerative Centre

Stem cells to treat MS – Pt 2 – MSRA Public Lecture – A/Prof Richard Burt

There is another way that MS sufferers are finding relief from various medical problems. That is with stem cell nutrition. A breakthrough discovery made in 2005 is changing the way people and the medical industry think about stem cells. The discovery was a nutrient found in fresh water algae (AFA).

To understand the important of this you need to know a little about Adult Stem Cells. Everyone has them; they are the building blocks of your body. Your Stem Cells are what rejuvenate your body and they repair it when you are injured. When you have lots of stem cells in your body you heal faster and your body is constantly being rejuvenated. Your healthy and happy.

But… there is a problem. As we approach our mid 30’s the amount of stem cells in our body starts to diminish in quantity and quality. The GOOD news, the nutrient found in 2005 (AFA) will help to reverse this process, increasing your own stem cells. The results,
you start to heal in ways you never imagined.

To get a better understanding of what stem cells do and why you should be concerned visit the two sites below.

Stem Cells – The Complete Guide

Will Stem Cells Eventually Cure All Disease?

If you are interested in learning more about stem cell nutrition visit:

Hope this information has help you and best of lot to you.

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