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Health Benefits of Coffee? Is There Such a Thing?
Organo Gold Certified Ganoderma healthy Coffee

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The world is obsessed with coffee. It is consumed almost as much as water.

For many we can not get out of bed unless we have had our cup of “Joe”

There’s a slogan that said it’s “the best part of waking up….”

The only thing is that this obsession, for many has come at a price, and that

price is in the form of acid.

Coffee lovers have to decide between giving up coffee or putting up with heartburn stomach pain, acid reflux and other unpleasantness related to coffee acidity.

There are many healthy alternatives when it comes to food but what are coffee enthusiasts supposed to do? In addition, just because it is good for you it does not mean its going to taste good.

What is the solution? Organo Gold. Their organic coffee is considered to be a

healthier choice for coffee drinkers because of its herbal extract called Ganoderma Lucidum.

The mushroom Ganoderma has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years.

Since ancient times, it had been called the miraculous herb,

precious herb, and an herb for life.

Ganoderma has been labeled “The King of Herbs”. It has been said that Emperors

would pay more for Ganoderma than Gold!



*Very Acidic & Toxic

*Raises Blood Pressure

*Raises Stress Level due to Increased Cortisol

*Coffee Jitters & Caffeine Crash


*Balances PH Level of Body

note: the pH of your body affects every aspect of your health? pH levels regulate,

effect, and control practically everything in nature, including your body.

When your body is pH balanced, it is full of vitality.

You’ll find that you have increased energy, mental clarity,

and you’ll even notice that your skin has regained that healthy glow.

*Natural Detoxification

*Increased Immune System

*Provides Energy

*No Jitters or Caffeine Crash

*Oxygenates the Body

*100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma is scientifically proven worldwide as Nature’s most potent health booster!

It is associated with longevity, youthfulness, vitality and virility!

Some of the benefits that Ganoderma produce:

Not only does it oxygenate your body and boost stamina it provides your body

with over 150 all natural antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Compare that to only 7 antioxidants that a glass of orange juice has.

It has been said that it aids in weight loss.

Most of all it is gentle on the stomach and it doesn’t have the side affects

of traditional coffee. It comes in three delicious flavors black, latte, and mocha.

Hot chocolate and green tea are also available.

So go for the gold.

The coffee that uses 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum.

The herb that Emperors prized more than gold.

Now we do not state health claim but merely repeat what the benefits are for using Ganoderma, you can google the name and read all about the clinical studies and trails.

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Sean Brooks   1406 day(s) ago
Thanks for commenting and yes it is some coffee I didn't even like coffee before drink this.
Rodney Scott   1406 day(s) ago
I like to program .
Gabriel Dixon   1406 day(s) ago
wow that is some coffee!

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