Born in Medford,Ma. Raised in Upstate NY. Have 2 brothers, 3 married sons in Hawaii,Florida and Boston and 9 grandchildren. Have had an interesting,sometimes challenging Life Journey.

*Have had a successful 30+ year career in Sales/Marketing and Sales management.Long story,but have worked for several Fortune 500 companies, worn a lot of different hats and owned 2 of my own businesses.

*If you are anything like me, you may have also experienced some challenges along the journey called "Life". In my case,it was challenges with low self-esteem, depression and eventually alcoholism..which lead to divorce,bankruptcy and major financial problems.

*My life began to change in 1989, when a friend confronted me with my alcohol problem and I began a spiritual journey, and became involved with a number of "12 Step Programs ". Am happy to report that I have been clean and sober now for 25+ years...more important, I am happy,comfortable in my own skin and free to be "me" .

*As a result of the above challenges, In the early 90's I formed a non-profit, that I call The RATO Group,which is an acronym for "Rise Above The Obstacles" or "Ordinary", whichever you choose. Over the years there have been several vehicles we have used in an effort to "Make a Difference" in the lives of people with a variety of challenges..primarily related to finances and mental health and addiction issues.

      * Again, if you are anything like me, you may have been affected in a big way, financially as the result of our current economy - specifically the crashing or bursting of the real estate and stock market bubbles in 2008. Many of us have experienced our home equity virtually disappear and our 401K's become 201K's or disappearing altogether.

     * Therefore it became necessary for me to find a PLAN B. and I discovered Online Marketing. My mission since 2008 has to be a resource for for "anyone" who may have suddenly found themselves trying to figure out how to replace lost income or a way to retire without having to give up a lifestyle we have become accustomed to -

      * After years of ups and downs with old school MLM, I have been fortunate to have found an Online, Virtual/Home- Based Business and a great TEAM to work with that "works." I am a firm believer in Investing in oneself, education and acquiring the necessary tools and skills to run a successful home business and have focused on that since 2008.


"Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve." - Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

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Jones Gore  
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Have not posted for 4 month.Made a decision to retire from MLM/Network Marketing. Stay tune for a press release regarding my decision.Spending the winter in Homosassa Florida.
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  info current as of: 4/27/2015

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