posted on: 3/14/2012 4:08:50 AM EST
Yes, you can!
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You can not! That could you not! Do not start something you do not understand, etc., etc.
Have you heard those words said to you sometime?
Becoming a scaled-down, to feel that you are not good enough, to lose faith in yourself.

When we are born we possess all the confidence that we can handle just about anything. Nothing is impossible.
But slowly and unnoticed ”shrink” we as a people. Often the well-meaning parents, school and society. They know no better.
But our hearts know what it should be like. Who we are deep inside.
This can be seen as a nagging feeling that something is wrong in our lives. Something missing. Often we feel that we would like very much, but do not dare or think us that we can do it.
Ambient-meaning have become our own truth!

But dare to do it!
Dare to challenge yourself to do things you think you can not handle. It could be just about anything. for you, the challenge is enormous.
Note how you can win big victories over what you previously thought were impossible!
Because if you continue to believe in this ”truth” that is not your truth, you will repeatedly feel it as a great defeat that you did not believe in your inner voice.

For as you know …. Enter the word Impossible, and then remove the letters IM.
What word reamains now?


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