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One24 General FAQs & What is One24
One24 General FAQs & What is One24

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This page is devoted to answering some of the regular and most asked questions I have received about One24.

One24 General FAQs

What is One24?

One24 is the forerunner of companies designed to meet the demands and needs of the discriminating 21st century network marketer. One24 is the 1st company in the history of network marketing to provide a thriving environment for each and every rep (which we call “Preferred Customers” or “PCs”) to earn an income guaranteed to increase on a monthly basis, without fail. One24 is the brainchild of former Herbalife product line co-formulator, Mark Seyforth. One24 is a revolutionary marketing concept that is changing the way that the masses evaluate, perceive, and interact within the network marketing arena.

How much does it cost to enroll in One24?

Unlike the majority of other opportunities who charge $19, $49, or even $79 just to enroll in their companies (before adding the cost of the required purchase), there is absolutely no charge to enroll in One24.

The only cost to do business with One24 is the cost of our product (to be purchased on monthly autoship). Our NatraBurst product costs $60.00 + shipping ($9.95 for the contiguous United States – OR – $11.95 for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & the U. S. Virgin Islands).

You will never be front-loaded with One24. This opportunity is designed specifically to reward the PC for participating as a customer. No front-load “fast start” unsustainable shenanigans!

How Do I Get Started in One24?

You should get back to the person who referred you to One24 first. If you have difficulty in reaching that individual, feel free to field your query directly to me and I will help you get into contact with them (they’re most likely in my downline if you are reading this). Then the next step is getting you onto that individual’s “Waiting List” so that you are in the queue for the next available ticket. In some cases they will be able to bring you in on their monthly Green Ticket; however, if a Green Ticket is not available, you may come in on the Gold Rush (24th of the month).

What is a PC?

A PC is shorthand for “Preferred Customer;” everyone who signs up to do the One24 business is a “PC.”

How many People do I have to enroll into One24?

To open earning eligibility, you need to have 1 personal enrollment. We make it a point on this team to help each and every PC get their 1st enrollment in so that we can get this part out of the way. Once the 1st enrollment is done, your earning potential is unlimited on your One24 Silver PCs & you may even earn up to a $100 checkmatch on any further Green Tickets that you do not personally use if they are taken in the Gold Rush. It is therefore possible to earn up to $2300/month for just staying on autoship and allowing other PCs to pick up your un-used tickets!

How long do I have to stay in One24?

One24 is a 24-month program whose specific goal is to get you to a set goal of financial freedom, but there are no contracts to sign which “lock” you in for any predetermined amount of time. Remaining active (with paid monthly autoship) is how you stay eligible to receive your commissions due, but you may cancel at any time.

With the above stated, we do ask for a PERSONAL commitment for 6 uninterrupted months of active participation in order to be brought onto our team. We do this because we feel confident that within this timeframe we will be able to show you how to earn an income that offsets the cost of your business and puts money in your pocket that will continue to increase every month. Any less than 6 months of active participation is not a fair evaluation period. We make a personal commitment to you that we will put time and effort into helping you grow your business and succeed, so in turn we ask that you make a commitment to us so that we can truly work in the spirit of partnership toward a mutual goal.

Will One24 help build my personal business?

YES!! One24 actively grows your business for you! You will notice this right away as you see your One24 Silver PCs growing every month. One24 provides many corporate tools and a Media Site that includes marketing materials (some free & the others at reasonable prices) for you to use to grow your business.

Additionally, you have joined the most cohesive group of One24 PCs known to the company! We host a suite of team tools that you may tap into so that you have the best possible success rate with your One24 business.

What is One24's LIRP/Linear Incentivized Referral Plan?

This is the model that One24 has designed for PCs to be compensated. It means that we are all in a straight line which allows us to be paid on company growth and also by personally referring others into the business.

May I enroll my spouse or children into my One24 organization?

Yes you may enroll your entire family into One24 and we encourage you to do so! This is a terrific and simplified program which will allow you to grow a literal legacy for your loved ones. We recommend beginning your business in this way and developing your business underneath your loved ones so that everyone in your family may reap the maximum reward.

Is my One24 Business will-able/ inheritable?

Yes. Upon the death of a PC, the PC account shall pass by will or interstate succession, as provided by law. One24 will require the successor in interest to sign and be bound by the then current PC Agreement. The successor shall then be entitled to all the rights and subject to all the obligations, just as any other One24 PC.

Why is One24 not MLM?
1.No structure or volume requirements to get paid.
2.No Rank structure.
3.No “Builder Pack” or enhanced enrollment option.
4.No enrollment or Front-end Loading Bonuses.
5.Compensation is pure residual income based on product sales.
6.Truly level playing field, everyone has the same potential to reach the top incomes.
7.Compensation plan is engineered to provide 100% potential to succeed.
8.MLM Compensation Plans are engineered to provide 20 % potential to succeed; hence the atrocious retention & success rates.
9.Compensation Plan fosters 90% + Retention versus MLM Plans which create 80%+ Attrition.

Is One24 a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?

No, One24 is not a Ponzi Scheme nor is it a Pyramid Scheme.

In One24, we are customers (A.K.A. “preferred customers” – OR – “PCs”) who purchase a product, we are not investors who paid to sign up to promote anything in expectation of speculated returns. There are no “start up fees” or “builder packs” sold in bulk to earn a recruiter any sort of bonuses. One24 shares revenues derived from product sales with all PCs who go on autoship; we are paid a straight commission per sale of a legitimate product. There are no contingencies to earning a share of the profits other than being a current customer of said product.

In short, commissions are earned directly off product sales and the company’s revenue-sharing program; therefore, there are no grounds to classify One24 as a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme.

Am I guaranteed to make money in One24?

Each person is guaranteed to earn an increasing monthly residual income. However, you must have 1 personally enrolled PC on active autoship to be eligible to receive commissions.

When and how does One24 pay out commissions?

Currently One24 mails out commission checks once per month. These usually go out around the 10th of the month (for the previous month’s earnings). You will receive your 1st check once your earnings are a minimum of $10.00. If you see earnings in your back office under “Commissions” and the amount earned is less than $10.00 the company holds that money and will add it to your next check and mail that out to you once the amount is equivalent to or greater than $10.00.

Can I sign up with One24 today?

It is possible. If a Green Ticket happens to be available, you may be able to sign up today. If there are no Green Tickets available you must wait until a position opens up for you. The best thing to do is to get with the person who invited you and make sure you’re on their Waiting List. You may also want to submit your application to that person so that they can have you in the queue of applications because we rotate people into the business on a “first come, first served” basis.

Spots are filling up quickly, so get on the Waiting List & get your application filled out and returned ASAP!

How many people can I enroll into One24?

You may feasibly enroll as many people as you want. In order to be able to enroll more than 1 person per month, you must enroll someone on your monthly Green Ticket. By doing this, you will be eligible to participate in Gold Rush (open enrollment period that happens every month) where you may add as many new partners as you wish.

How do I get paid in One24?

At One24, we are paid a portion of every sale that comes into the company after we have registered as an Active PC (“APC”). You only need to enroll one person to be eligible to receive this 100% passive income stream that is uncapped and which may be multiplied up to 5 times. We are also paid on Green Income with One24. The commission is a straight $1.50 commission paid on a “per canister” basis. We get paid on 12 levels of Green Income (unlimited width); capped at $100,000.00 per month. You may also qualify for Gold Income if you participate in the Gold Rush. Gold Income is worth a check-match of either 50% (Levels 1-3) or 25% (Levels 4 & 5) of all the Green & Gold income on those levels.

Checks go out once a month, currently around the 10th. You will receive your first paper check via postal mail as soon as it is a minimum of $10.00. If it is less than $10.00 your previous checks will be combined until it is $10.00 and then the check will be mailed out to you.

Could you please explain the One24 Pioneer Bonus?

The Pioneer Bonus is a new enhancement which was added the the One24 compensation plan in October 2011.

This is a brand new revenue stream that One24 has named the “5-TierPioneer Bonus.” This new One24 compensation plan enhancement was an idea that one of the top groups in One24 brought to corporate. This goes to show you that our corporate team not only listens to the advice from the field, but that they are making every attempt to encourage ALL One24 participants into speeding up their earning potential!

This bonus pays upline through 5 tiers of PC referrals, and is good for all new enrollments that have occurred on or after October 1, 2011. The Pioneer Bonus gets paid on all new prospects who enroll on either a Green Ticket or during the Gold Rush (to the Gold 100 Referring PC) in the following fashion:
1.$4.00 is paid to the Referring PC (Tier 1)
2.$1.00 is paid to the Tier 1’s Referring PC (Tier 2)
3.$1.00 is paid to the Tier 2’s Referring PC (Tier 3)
4.$1.00 is paid to Tier 3’s Referring PC (Tier 4)
5.$1.00 is paid to Tier 4’s Referring PC (Tier 5)

In the event that there is not an “Active” PC occupying Tiers 2-5, the system will apply compression and search upline through additional Tiers for the next qualified Active PCs to pay out Tiers 2-5. We fully expect that the new Pioneer Bonus has the potential to dramatically improve your earnings!

How does the new One24 $25,000 Cash Sweepstakes work?

Beginning in November 2011, everyone who watches the 4 videos and goes onto your waiting list gets entered with 1 share each month for 3 months into our Sweepstakes to win a $25,000 Cash Prize each month, anticipated to be awarded on National TV beginning in December 2011. You may have up to 10 qualifying waitlist prospects each month. There is no obligation to buy or sign up with One24 in order to win the Sweepstakes – anyone who doesn’t enroll within 3 months will be purged from the One24 system.

Additionally, each Active PC (must have a current order that month) that has at least 1 waitlist person or 1 personally enrolled PC will be entered, with 2 shares, into the One24 Sweepstakes each month.

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