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Ordinary People - Don't Be One
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I was sitting in a restaurant last week chilling out with my ½ sandwich, ½ salad combo and minding my business. But because I focus on being keen in my environment so I can share parts of my journey with you, a situation arose right next to me, one table over.

Sitting beside me were three ladies who appeared to be family members (aunt and 2 nieces or at least a mentor type relationship). The woman in the group had labeled one of the young ladies, “ordinary“. The young girl ate in a sulking manner and finally at meal’s end, revealed that she had been greatly offended and even mis-labeled by her auntie. And of course the auntie was offended that she was offended.

And here’s the rub - she spent the rest of the time trying to convince the niece that being ordinary is not an insult.

Most people are ordinary and according to her, the young girl was just being overly sensitive.

And there I sat, the next table over, trying not to scream.

When I was younger they sold toy snakes consisting of fabric on springs, which would be stuffed inside a can. The prankster would then lure some unsuspecting victim to open the can. Of course the three foot snake would jump 3 feet out of its home and scare the bejeebers out of the victim.

Well, that is how I felt watching this whole conversation unravel - like the aunt was intent on stuffing the niece into a can, suffocating her individuality and creativity and uniqueness.

My challenge to you is to stay as far away from ordinary as you can.


And of course the other lesson is to not let anyone steal your dreams - do not buy into their reality of who you should be.

Now there is a difference between wise counsel vs. dream stealing. The difference is clear and it leaves clues. Here it is - one serves as a bridge to your destiny, the other, as a barrier. It would be a good exercise to evaluate the people in your circles to see where they stand relative to those two descriptions. But more importantly (because you cannot control the behavior of others), check yourself out and see if you are doing more hindering or helping, when it comes to people reaching their dreams.

I create additional income streams as a hobby - OK, it’s really a business, but I LOVE doing it, so I tend to look at it as a passion. I found early on that I was in the minority of BIG DREAMERS, Visionaries, and Out of the Box thinkers.

I quickly had to find a system that would allow me to align myself with other BIG THINKERS, otherwise I would GO CRAZY back paddling in the pool of mediocrity.

If you are a business owner who is tired of dealing with small thinkers, join me to discover how to surround yourself with winners - those who are actually making money and building teams of financially fruitful business owners.

It just makes sense - being in the company of success will only expand your success that much more. Join a team of EXCELLENT professionals, surround yourself with positive visionaries, and build a thriving, exciting business that breeds success.

All the Best,

Coach Kim

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