Fun In The Sun Pop Quiz – June 20th, 2016 is:

  1. The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere?
  2. The longest day of the year?
  3. The first day of summer?
  4. The day after June 19th, 2016
  5. All the above?

The answer is – wait for it: E!  A-E All rolled into one very long summer sun shiny day!

What Does It All Mean – The Longest Day of the Year?

All days are created equal, right? It’s not like some days have 12 hours and others 28, even though it may feel that way at times. There isn’t a special day with a few extra bonus hours, even though you need it. No, it doesn’t work that way unfortunately. It’s all about the daylight hours. So, who put the “Sol” in Solstice? “Sol” means sun in Latin and “Stice” means to stop. So it’s the day when the sun has reached the highest point in the sky and will appear to stop briefly as it begins to move back to the lowest part of the sky. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere on this day, it means it’s the one day of the year when there is the most daylight in any 24 hour period.




The Hot Spot to Get Together – Globally Speaking:

The June Solstice is one of those rare occasions when everyone experiences the occasion at the exact same time! This year that moment is June 20th, 10:30 GMT! In simple terms, the Northern Solstice is the time when the northern tip of the earth is tilted closest toward the sun. It’s also the day when the sun reaches the highest point in the northern sky and it all translates to  having the most hours of golden sunshine in any single day. Got it? Great! Pass it on.  

I Say Summer Here – You Say Winter There:

If it’s the longest day of the year in one part of the world, it means it’s the winter solstice and shortest day somewhere else. So while citizens of the Northern Hemisphere are reveling in their favorite OG gourmet coffee or tea blends over ice, those in the Southern Hemisphere can find comfort in a nice hot mug of OG Hot Chocolate. Stuck in winter mode where you are at? Not to worry; from this day forward, the days only get longer and warmer! Each day will bring a little more sunshine than the day before. Either way, if you are looking for a little less mourn in your morning and a little more eve in your evening? How about a Café Mocha to warm things up while you wait for Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice and Stonehenge for Summer:

Summer Solstice has been celebrated as a sacred event in many cultures since the dawn of man. Some rituals date back thousands of years. The best example is the Stonehenge Monument in Wiltshire, England, which is believed to have been built as early as 3000 BC. Every year, thousands of people journey to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice to see the sun rise in a direct alignment with these ancient stone monuments. At first glance, it may appear that the monuments are scattered randomly. However on this day, visitors marvel at the clockwork precision with which the first rays of the new rising sun align perfectly with the stone structures and casts beams of sunlight on the “center stone”. Witnessing this amazing event makes one realize our ancient ancestors may have known more about astronomy and science that we thought.

Wouldn’t it be grand to live in a land where there was nothing but continuous sunshine and daylight, morning, noon and night for months at a time. Well, there is such a land and if you’re up for adventure you could move to the North Pole! And, if you still can’t get enough sunshine in your day – put it in your cup with any one of the ORGANO™ gourmet coffee and tea blends and Let The Sun Shine In! #TasteTheGold