Business in the Bronx:

It was Haynes’ first presentation in New York since starting with ORGANO™ featuring an audience of 160 distributors and 40 guests. It was another successful outing as new guests in attendance rushed to grab applications to join the organization.

Working the Room:

Haynes and his team showed their excitement about the current success of ORGANO™ and shared their vision for the future of the company. Energy levels were also very high with everyone eager to make an impact as the team signed several new recruits on the spot.

The occasion was for a regular weekly event held at same location every Monday night with Chief Visionary Officer Holton Buggs scheduled to appear on July 16th.

Advice from Haynes:

For any Distributor to be successful, Haynes says to always attend any event you qualify for. You never know what action or statement will be made at the event that will springboard you to your next level of success. Do your best to always bring someone with you to events. The more people you have to share the same level of excitement and gain belief in the business, the easier it is to grow your team.

What’s Next?

Haynes also does Fast Training and will be in Philadelphia on July 2nd from 10am-3pm with Sulaiman Rahman. Many of the New York team plan on attending the training thanks to the relatively short drive from New York.

Everyone on the team has a plan to build their business bigger and promote big, especially leading up to EXPO 2016 in Tampa, Florida.


As you can tell, our leaders have been busy, working hard on the road, and advocating business growth. We encourage everyone to share their business tips and best practices (including the likes of John Sachtouras and Shane Morand). ORGANO™ is all about teamwork and growing our network of Distributors and sales teams to share the benefits of our Ganoderma coffee and line of products.

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