If you are a member of the OG Global Family of Distributors, interested in improving the way you build and sustain your business, there is no better way to achieve your goals than to attend the International conventions, conferences and EXPOs sponsored by ORGANO™ exclusively with you in mind! These unforgettable gatherings of training, networking, recognition and celebration are the best way for you to take your business to the next level and start living the Number One Lifestyle in the World! However, if you have ever been to an OG event, the extreme levels of enthusiasm and excitement can sometimes make it difficult to stay focused on the reasons WHY you are attending! Sound intense? It is – in the most fantastic way! Don’t know where to start? Join us today, as we review and suggest some simple ways to get the absolute most out of all of the ORGANO™ training events you attend – which should be – each and every ONE you qualify to attend!  

Advanced Preparation for You and Your OG Team Members:

It is often easy to get crippled by FOMO (fear of missing out), making advanced preparation key when seeking to maximize every minute of your time spent at an OG sponsored training event. Prior to your arrival, make a list of your top goals and reasons WHY you plan to attend in order to help fulfill your personal dreams of success. Be sure to read any and all event materials (and agenda once on site) thoroughly, and have a clear understanding of where each training session is taking place – to avoid wasting valuable time getting lost. And for those of you who plan to bring multiple members of your team, send them all a quick e-blast reminding them where to meet up once on site, and to reinforce the brewing pre-event excitement. Always try to arrive the scheduled training sessions 15 to 20 minutes in advance – not only to get a great seat up close and personal – but to reach out and take advantage of the networking opportunities with Distributors from all over the world!   

The Day to Day ORGANO™ Business Demands While You Are Away:

In the rush and excitement while preparing to attend an OG event, you may have pushed important tasks to the backburner. As we all know, the OG World doesn’t stop turning just because our Distributors are attending one of our epic events. Rather than multi-tasking or dividing your attention between the event and the needs of your business, find a quiet space at the hotel where you can dedicate an hour per day to address any pressing “To-Do’s” before and after the day’s scheduled events. You will be better able to focus on getting the maximum benefit from the event, once you’ve removed those distractions from your mind.

You Don’t Have to Follow the Crowd – Just the Leaders:

At any major OG event, our Distributors have been known to themselves into a frenzy trying to capture each and every word spoken by our OG leaders. However, some of my most memorable and meaningful experiences have taken place in small groups of OG Global Family members who take advantage of the time they have to spent together – and what they can learn from one another’s experience. Keep in mind your business goals, your personal reason WHY you made the commitment to attend, rather than what the crowd is doing or what is trending on the various social media channels throughout the event.


Stay for the Entire Conference at the Designated OG Hotel:

You will never know what you might have missed by arriving late or leaving any OG training session early. And, if possible, stay at the ORGANO™ designated hotel – you will want to be right in the middle of the OG action. Nothing beats the real world advice, and collective wisdom, of those high ranking Diamonds who have been where you are now AND are staying at the same hotel! We suggest finding fellow OG Distributor to become your conference partners, so you can share what you learn. This collaboration will help bring more meaning to the Distributor presentations and recognition ceremonies.

Remember, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint:

At any of the OG sponsored training events, you can expect to be on the go from the early morning hours, well into the evening. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will hit a wall pretty fast. Eat properly, hydrate with water and your favorite OG Gourmet Beverages, get a good night’s sleep and be refreshed when you hit the convention floor. Of course, there will be the inevitable hiccups along the way, so adopt a Zen-like OG attitude: roll with the last minute changes and always remember to LEARN and HAVE FUN!

When you attend an  ORGANO™ conference geared to increase your Distributor expertise, you will have an opportunity to learn from our Global Family of high ranking Diamonds, the OG Executive Leadership Team and those who have paved the way in order for you to succeed. It is critical to get the most out of every event you attend, in order to strengthen the foundation of your global business and personal performance. And, while it is not “mandatory” to attend the OG sponsored International Distributor events, you haven’t really lived until you have attended one of our conferences, conventions – like OG’s Annual World Convention – EXPO – in Tampa, Florida on September 3-4, 2016 It will surely be a non-stop natural high with thousands of fellow Distributors who are just as passionate as you are about rising through the ranks to reach and Taste The Gold with ORGANO™!  #WeAreOrgano