At ORGANO™, we understand that our beloved Gourmet Tea Blends can provide everything needed to create a daily ritual of calm and relaxation. What could be more welcome than that? And, it’s no secret that the history of tea is long and complex, spreading across multiple cultures over the span of centuries and that it has traveled the world conquering the thirst of virtually every country on the planet. Of all the beverages served around the world – how many beverages justify a celebration or party in their name? The answer to that question is simple; TEA is the beverage and star of the age old Tea Party. Join us today as we further explore the various ways tea parties are hosted – globally speaking!

Japanese; Time Honored Tradition – Not Antiquated Relic:

Although tea took some time to spread from China to Japan, many believe that Japan was where tea met perfection in the art of Cha-no-yu, or the Japanese tea ceremony. Today the tea ceremony is still practiced by many in Japan and abroad, and survives as an honored and thriving tradition, rather than an antiquated relic. The tea party ceremony is special because there will never be another chance to recreate the same experience, with the same group of people, at the very unique time of their own life.  Every detail of the experience is to be savored, because it cannot ever be the same. While the tea party and ceremonial practices are an important aspect of Japanese life, with today’s modern on-the-go lifestyle – you can put a little zen in your day with ORGANO™’s own Organic Green Tea.


India; Cardamom, Fennel and Cloves – Oh Chai:

India is one of the world’s largest suppliers of tea, and yet because of this very recent history, tea has not had time to appropriate any elaborate tea rituals like in Japan or China. Although not ritualized, tea plays a critical role in everyday life. Cha-ya is the preferred style of tea enjoyed in India; a strong black tea, spiced with cardamom, fennel, cloves or other spices, sweetened with sugar and mixed with milk for a sweet and creamy beverage. Cha-ya would later become known in the Western world as Chai tea. No matter how you pronounce it, ORGANO™ Rodéo Chai provides a welcome respite from the heat or weariness from travel or work.

Chinese; From Aristocratic Circles to Everyday Life:

In China, long before tea became the beverage of choice and a way of life, only people of high standing in the imperial courts and these select priests were able to drink tea on a regular basis. The Chinese practice a form of tea ceremony called Gong Fu, where the tea master preparing tea for the group is considered an artist in his or her own right, where people come to drink tea and enjoy each others’ company. Tea in China is one of the most important parts of every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Besides mealtime, tea is served to welcome guests as a form of respect, and is a long-held tradition in all classes. In honor of this time honored Chinese tradition, today you can add some clarity to your cup with ORGANO™’s delicious Red Tea.


African Safari and Black Ice Tea:

This love for tea is not unique to China, Japan, India or England – but revered by most citizens of the globe – including Africa!  Why not join the African Red Rooibos Tribe, and the traditions that have been going on in South Africa for centuries, and that inspired a brand new treasure from ORGANO™ – African Red Gourmet Tea Blend. Take your taste buds on a “caffeine free” safari with a cup of ORGANO™ African Red today! 

English; Aristocratic Status and the Working Class:

The afternoon tea party, a tradition that is thought of as synonymous with the word “British,” can be credited to Anna, Duchess of Bedford. She would become hungry during the afternoon, in the long hours between breakfast and dinner. She began asking her servants to bring her some sweets and a cup of tea to ward away her hunger. Eventually she began sharing this custom with her friends, and afternoon tea soon became popular among the aristocratic class. The working class caught on quickly, especially as the afternoon meal was a good opportunity take a much needed break and spend time with friends. Continue this time honored tradition and host a tea party of your very own – and put it on ice! Share and enjoy with the group a refreshing cool blast of ORGANO™ Black Ice Tea.


Morning, noon and night – regardless of where or by whom it is served – tea is an incredibly social beverage. So go ahead and invite a few friends over for a special cup of, any one of, your favorite ORGANO™ Red, Green, Rodeo Chai, Black Ice or African Red Gourmet Tea Blends! Enjoy the gift of conversation, friendship and fellowship that your very own customized OG Tea Party can provide! #TasteTheGold