Announcements. Leadership. Training. Recognition… YES!

The Countdown is ON to Gear UP for ORGANO™’s first ever Taste The Gold 2016 Annual World Convention!  In 21 days, OG will be at itagain with another ultimate weekend journey designed to help you develop, grow and reach your full potential within the ORGANO™ opportunity. On September 3rd & 4th, 2016 – at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida – the OG Global Family will travel from different parts of the world for this opportunity of a lifetime, to meet and learn directly from the ORGANO™ Leaders who have paved the way and risen through the leadership ranks to achieve legendary success! Join us now as we further explore the When, Where, How and reasons Why you need to attend ORGANO™’s First Ever Annual World EXPO 2016, in Tampa!




WHY: Here are just a few reasons to get your tickets, invite your guests and Gear Up for EXPO 2016!


When ORGANO™ CEO & Founder Bernie Chua, Co-Founder & Global Master Distributor Shane Morand and Chief Visionary Officer Holton Buggs appear together on rare occasions to gather the entire OG Global Family, they come with a purpose to drive ORGANO™ closer to the goal of capturing 1% of the global coffee market. The faces you see in the magazines, the Leaders you hear on the Coffee Break Calls, International Training Events, Global Conventions hosted worldwide and in the videos you see on YouTube … WILL BE on stage LIVE and IN PERSON!


Don’t wait to learn about OG’s newest products and business boosting tools, hear it straight from the Executive Leadership Team AND learn how to advance to the next level of success with your ORGANO™ global business from Diamond Distributors who will take you step by step through the process and show you how to Taste The Gold.


There are the training sessions on stage presented as part of OG’s General Session, and then there are the impromptu training sessions that spontaneously occur with Elite OG Leaders in surrounding areas and restaurants around the hotel. Of course, the training sessions conducted by OG’s elite upline Diamond Distributors, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand and Chief Visionary Officer Holton Buggs, are legendary and Should Not To Be Missed!  


You’ll be surprised how much faster things happen when you are able to shake hands and look your mentor (or treasured guest) in the eye while sharing the EXPO 2016 experience together. It’s a moment as real as it gets. Gatherings with your downline, upline and guest prospects allow for a rare opportunity to learn from those who have achieved success before you, to catch up, to get ahead, to build relationships that foster your business and most importantly – to meet new people who love doing what you are doing… duplicating success and helping others to Taste The Gold with the OG opportunity!


Connect with other Distributors that are rising through the leadership ranks with OG, as they share their stories of success. And, you’ll discover that many our Diamonds within the ORGANO™ Global Family have experienced some of the challenges you may be, or will be, experiencing along your journey. Learn how to handle the hurdles that may present themselves in advance with Live Diamond Testimonials on stage – who have come from all over the world to share them with YOU!

Taste The Gold at the OG Store:

As added bonus, you can shop to your heart’s content and stock up on Convention-Only Promotions, Limited Edition OG Merchandise and Swag at the Exclusive OG Store on site at EXPO 2016. Experience our new products, check our OG wear for Men and Women, and the OG style swag – featuring our new branding and logo. And, if you have yet to purchase your OG Starter Kit, be sure to get your hands on one for yourself, and perhaps your new Distributors.

What’s APP at EXPO 2016? It’s in Your Pocket:

Team ORGANO™ will be unveiling the official EXPO Mobile APP prior to the event to you keep you informed on the latest developments for EXPO 2016, and what’s going on in Tampa, Florida. You will be constantly connected with this OG Exclusive Business Tool in your pocket. The APP will help mobilize you to unlock special offers and real time engagement tools that will allow convention goers to interact directly with guests, speakers and sociable attendees! Watch out for announcements, download it to keep informed on the entire schedule, the list of speakers and everything else you’ll need to know about the festivities – at your fingertips and…ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Check It Out and Register On-Site:

Thanks to the aforementioned APP, check-in will be a breeze. Registration at the event opens at noon on Friday, September 2nd, 2016. However, you can check-in through the APP when you arrive in Tampa, for a faster and more expedited experience. Make sure to experience all the convention has to offer through the APP remotely – before you arrive – to ensure you are up to date and ready to enjoy EXPO 2016 LIVE and maximize your time while on-site.

You will certainly not want to miss ORGANO™’s biggest, boldest, and most breathtaking event of the year. Major corporate announcements, inspiring speeches, and expanded recognition ceremonies are just a few of the major highlights planned for EXPO 2016. Join us this Labor Day weekend and witness firsthand the power and inspiration (and lot’s of surprises we can’t mention here) that only OG, the company that brings the treasures of the world to the people of the world, can deliver! We Are ORGANO™ and We Would Love To See You In Tampa for a fun-filled and informative time set in the heart of the Florida coast. #TasteTheGold