For the ORGANO™ Global Family of entrepreneurs embarking on their first business venture and beginning their journey to success, and for those who are successful and reflecting back on the beginning of their journey, sometimes every day can feel like a struggle just to survive. And while experience and knowledge in business matters, the real secret is to have a successful mindset, attitude and to think positive! Join us today as we offer some insight and expertise when it comes to getting through the dark days of starting, and maintaining, a sustainable ORGANO™ global business.  

Stay In The Zone & Focus. Focus. Focus: Many entrepreneurs, first-time and small business owners feel the need to jump on every “opportunity” that comes their way.  But beware, many “opportunities” are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked by multiple ventures, or every new thing that comes along,  as it will spread your resources thin and limit your effectiveness and productivity. It is much better to stay focused on ONE opportunity. And, the insight, education, direction and motivation provided by the OG Leaders who have paved the way before you – will be invaluable when it comes to building your business from the ground to the cup – and help you remain focused along the way!


Share Know What You Know – But Don’t Be A Know It All: It’s simply impossible – no one knows everything. But one thing everyone knows – nobody like a “know it all” and people are not naturally drawn to the energy a “know it all” generates. One of the greatest treasures of having an ORGANO™ global business is that you are surrounded by mentors who will support and nurture your success, and teach you what they know. When you have successful and knowledgeable OG Global Family Members, with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals, it will not only increase your ability to become a better leader, it will build and sustain a global business for the long-term. and actually help you to become a better leader.

On The Road To Success – Act Like A Start Up:  Of course everyone has a “why” when it comes to embarking on a new business, especially those OG Family Members that have risen through the leadership ranks and have built long term successful businesses. Don’t just focus on the fancy homes, fast cars or a fatter wallet – practice and perfect the art of being frugal. Watch your dollars and triple-check your expenses. If you consistently maintain a low overhead, manage your cash flow effectively and scale down on pricey plans or grandiose expenditures – it will help immensely when unexpected obstacles arise and benefit your business exponentially in the long run.


When The Heat Is On – Get Fired Up: There is no book or business plan that can predict the future, or that can fully prepare you when it comes to starting and maintaining a successful business. And while you would never think of having (or starting) a business without considerable thought and planning, don’t spend months or years waiting to execute the plan. The true test of a successful entrepreneur is how they function under pressure – when the heat is on. It is critical to get yourself motivated to push through the fire and come out on the other side, rather than standing on the sidelines in hopes of avoiding the heat.

Be Healthy & Set The Team Example: It’s no secret that people who take care of themselves personally, are typically much more productive and effective when it comes to their businesses. Being a member of the OG Global Family is a lifestyle, it is not your standard 9-5 job. However, working to the point of exhaustion will create a burn out effect on both you and your team.  Do your best to eat right, get plenty of rest, remain active and exercise to the best of your ability. And most importantly, stay energized and enthusiastic – Set The Example – Taste The Gold and take a little time for yourself throughout the day.


When Things Go Wrong – Reflect & Correct: There is no such thing as success without failure. However, having fellow ORGANO™ Global Family Members to help you mentor and encourage your team of dream-seekers – is priceless. And, when things go wrong, mistakes are made or your plan did not go as you had envisioned – reflect on what went wrong and assess what you can do differently next time. Take some time to determine how you will utilize these hard-learned lessons to not only better your own business, but for those who are following in your footsteps. The most important thing you can do is learn from your mistakes–and never make the same mistake twice.
One thing is for certain when it comes to starting and sustaining a global business – failure is inevitable! And, the list of trials and tribulations that OG Distributors will face along the road to success is long. However, as members of the ORGANO™ Global Family and entrepreneurs worldwide – we will prevail over adversity  together as ONE!  #TasteTheGold