Direct selling is the term used to describe marketing a product directly to the consumer, with no middleman involved. If you’re looking for extra income to help with your expenditure or if you need a new career opportunity, direct selling offers the potential to fulfil your dreams.

Providing great motivation, direct sales books will encourage you to reach for the stars – if they can do it, why can’t you?


1. Napoleon Hill: The 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich, has been a hit since its first publication in 1937. One of the best-selling direct sales books of all time, it’s become a must-have personal development book.

Focusing on a number of principles that everyone involved in direct selling should learn, these include having desire, faith, specialised knowledge, imagination, organised planning skills and persistence.

The book goes into great depth but the principles explained by Hill can help people expand their business and achieve success in all aspects of life. It’s the most widely acclaimed, influential book on success that’s ever been published and it includes advice on how to thrive in challenging economic times – which is still very relevant today.

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2. Michael Malaghan: Making Millions in Direct Sales

Malaghan outlines eight essential activities he believes direct sales managers should perform every day to build a successful team and ultimately earn more income. A respected name in the business world and described as a “living legend”, Malaghan has achieved more than $2 billion worth of direct sales in a decade.

He shares his knowledge of assembling, motivating and managing a supercharged sales team, revealing the essential activities that every direct sales manager must master and the motivators that everyone should know. He also reveals the benefits of combining sales contents and commissions in a unified, motivational system.


3. Bill Cates: Get More Referrals Now!

Sales legend, Bill Cates, uses his expertise and knowledge to advise sales professionals on how to employ what he describes as the “four cornerstones of referrals”. These are customer service and relationship building; creating referral alliances and networks; targeting niche markets; and prospecting.

He teaches readers how to earn more by getting existing customers to generate high-quality referrals and encourages them to turn every business contact into a relationship that will lead to a sales success story.


4. John Milton Fogg: The Greatest Networker in the World

Fogg has been working in personal growth and professional development since the late 1980s and is the author behind more than 20 well-known, best-selling books. He advises that direct selling is fundamentally different from all other sectors of business. He believes it needs a complete shift from the way we normally view business to fully understand how it works.

The book promotes team building and responsibility as playing an important role, even more so than competitive promotion and advertising. Fogg believes a crucial skill is having the ability to teach people to teach others – once a direct salesperson has mastered multi-level marketing, he needs to be able to teach those techniques to others.

If you’re new to the world of direct selling, you can do far worse than to learn from past masters such as these.