Throughout six continents, ORGANO’s innovative products have already helped millions of people around the world to reflect their health, wealth, and gain confidence in life. OG has achieve this by continuing to evolve, and constantly looking for new and exciting ways to not only meet the needs of our loyal Distributors and customers, but to broaden our reach to people who are ready to take that first step to transform and live a healthier lifestyle. At ORGANO™ we take much pride in announcing the launch of our newest line – The OGX Nutritional Management Program and FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes!  Join us today as we offer some helpful hints on how to sell exciting new products, in conjunction with the original and classic products – that put OG on the map!

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Be a Product of Your Product and Get Educated: It has often been said that people don’t buy products, they buy the results or the feeling that the product offers, and they want to buy these products from a company, brand, and Distributor that they trust. How better to share your enthusiasm for the products you sell, than by using them yourself. First hand experiences – that’s what people want to hear about, and they want to know that you can answer the questions they have – especially about new products you are excited to share with them. Make it your business – to understand your business. Work hard to understand all of the benefits of the new OGX Transformative Product Line, as well as the extensive line of the OG classics and brewing cups, so that you can be your own product expert!


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Capitalize on the “Built-In Trust” with the ORGANO™ Brand: As if launching the new OGX Nutritional Management Program and FENIX Meal Replacement Shake was not exciting enough, the existing brand strength of ORGANO™ has paved the way for our Global Family of Distributors to proudly introduce, and share, this new product line with a pre-disposition of trust – based on our existing gourmet beverages enhanced with our signature – Ganoderma lucidum! This makes it a pleasure to share a new treasure with existing customers because they already love the OG family of products, and trust the brand.

Use the Social Media Advantage to Your Advantage: Today there are so many different ways to share your enthusiasm about ORGANO™ products, your amazing lifestyle and engage with people all over the world. Be sure to use all of the various social media channels to your advantage, by posting OG Mixer party pictures, before and after OGX transformation pictures and sharing inspirational content meant to uplift the spirits. Be sure to also take advantage of the ORGANO™ Corporate Website, designed with the OG Family of Distributors in mind. You can proudly refer your new and existing customers to to view the expansive line of OG products, read our blogs and learn how to join the X4life community! By building relationships with your customers through these channels you can access more people than ever – Right Now!

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It’s true, when any company launches a new product or product line extension, it can not only increase the revenue stream for the Company and its Distributors by selling more products to existing customers, and it can generate an entirely new client base, and a yet another revenue stream, by selling new products to new customers. But for the ORGANO™ Global Family, it is much more than an additional revenue stream or the launch of a new product line – the new OGX Body Management Program is part of the ORGANO™ Movement to cater to consumers’ active lifestyles, and the commitment to help transform lives. Now we can offer millions of people across the globe an opportunity to transform and become #X4life, while enjoying the comfort of our classic gourmet coffee and tea beverages. #WeAreOrgano #TasteTheGold