While building your global business with ORGANO™, and leading your individual team members to share in the success, you will be meeting and connecting with new people every single day. Being met with a lukewarm response or flat out rejection, or even a non-reciprocated effort by someone you went out of your way to connect with, it’s not uplifting – to say the least! Not to worry, when you put yourself out there to meet, connect and share with new people on a one-on-one basis, there is no way around it – you are bound to face some sort of rejection along the way. The good news is – #WeAreOrgano and we are here to help you respond effectively!   

Join OG today as we break down the (5) Basic Categories of NO’s that will help you to break through and share the vision with others, and perhaps turn that “NO” into a Preferred Customer, a OG Global Family Member on your team or perhaps a friend for life! Understanding these basic categories, and an effective response to each, will help you and your team achieve a more positive outcome with each new person you meet on the road to success!


The (5) Basic Categories of a “NO” Response: No Need. No Money. No Time. No Desire. No Trust!

No Need

Statistically speaking, it might be more difficult to find someone who doesn’t; drink coffee, drink tea, nourish their body, or is interested in losing or maintaining their weight. Think about it. Coffee and tea are among the most consumed beverages globally – morning, noon and night. No doubt people want coffee, more importantly, they NEED it! The best way to respond to this objection, is to share and let them Taste The Gold. Let them sample and savor the flavors of OG’s expansive gourmet beverage line, introduce them to the OGX Body Management Program and FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes, or the ever growing nutrient line of products enhanced with the ORGANO™ signature spore – Ganoderma! You just might find that the need will become a want, and perhaps then a Preferred Customer on Autoship!


No Money

Understood. Who doesn’t have concerns with reference to money, how they spend it or that they might be running low on it. What is important to remember here is that – people are spending it already! In fact, people are spending more money on gourmet coffee beverages today than ever before in history. Case in point, a coffee house on every corner. The best response here is; the most affordable way to enjoy your gourmet beverages – is to bring the coffee house – to your home. By preparing your favorite OG gourmet coffee and tea beverages at home, you can skip the high priced fancy cup, and Taste The Gold at a fraction of the price. No money, no problem, ORGANO™ sachets and brewing cups can help you save it one cup at a time.


No Time

As Go Getters On the Go managing a global business with ORGANO™,  we get it – time is ticking, time is money and it is ever so precious to everyone! Nobody wants to waste it, and in fact some people can become indignant when made to wait unnecessarily for something they don’t just want, but they need, like that morning cup of coffee! The best response here is to share with people how to save time, by avoiding the fight for parking and to wait in a long line for an inferior cup of overpriced brew. Enjoy the luxury of time by preparing your gourmet beverages at home before you head off to your remote office, school, gym or destinations unknown with the ORGANO opportunity. And, even better you can slip our sachets into your purse or wallet, in case you get in a bind, or can’t stand to be kept waiting in line.


No Desire

As it is human to breath, it is human to have desires, and those desires are as individual as one’s own fingerprint – that is for those who even allow themselves to dream in the first place. Some people desire to have financial freedom, some people desire to travel the world, where other’s desire to live a of leisure once the heaving lifting is done. Which is great, because with the opportunity that is ORGANO™, all things are possible for those who are willing to work hard and dream big. The best way to unleash the hidden desires of the reluctant dreamer is to share the vision, share your enthusiasm and excitement for the business and the boundless opportunities available with ORGANO™. You can’t blame someone for lacking desire – they don’t know what you know – about the products, the company and limitless opportunities to prosper. And, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to share your desires with others – it will likely inspire them to want to learn more about the Number One Lifestyle in the World!


No Trust

Trust is probably the single most important factor when it comes to building, and maintaining, personal and professional relationships. People want to purchase products from a company and Distributor that they trust, they like and that has their best interest at heart – always! What is certain about trust, is it first must be earned and it can be easily lost. The only way to earn trust is to earn it, and the only way to keep it is to always be trustworthy. Which is great, because ORGANO™ is one of the most admired and respected companies in the global market today. Accomplished only through unparalleled leadership, a dedicated international team and a Global Family of Distributors rising through the leadership ranks – who adhere to the values and standards set by ORGANO™. Trust and believe, the success of OG was built on the foundation of trust and respect, and that is transparent!  


It goes without saying, if you are building a thriving business and a family legacy with ORGANO™, rejection can be a bit of a downer, especially when are surrounded by OG Global Family Members who come from a place of YES! Don’t think of “NO” as a negative, rather an opportunity to share and enlighten those you meet along your journey. Always bank on yourself, your success, and a positive outcome when it comes to putting yourself out there in the world. We Are ORGANO™. We are in the business of bringing the treasures of the world to the people of the world, sharing the opportunity to Experience Life Amazing, and we will never let the No’s along the way – stand in our way – NO WAY!

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