Most people can say they have experienced a defining moment, or turning point in their life. For OG Emerald, Cosmin Cristache, his childhood was filled with defining moments as he watched his parents struggle just to provide a basic lifestyle. Cosmin has used the defining moments in his life as motivation, to take the necessary actions to transform his life forever, with the opportunity that isORGANO™. “My childhood experiences created a burning desire within my heart to not only change the path of my life, but also the lives of my parents, and to create a legacy for the future generations of my family.”

Since joining the ORGANO™ Global Family and operating an international business of his own, Cosmin has not only changed his life and his family’s life, he has been able to help his team members change their lives, too.


The Turning Point:  The turning point for Cosmin was in high school, as he was determined to become successful in business, but he didn’t know where to start. As a student, Cosmin’s job was to study. He had no real work experience to speak of, much less understand the principles of network marketing. That is what led Cosmin to ORGANO™ and to start his own OG Distributorship, allowing him to learn the principles of business, network marketing and leadership … all with an infinite number of leaders to help him along the way.

In the Zone with OG: Owning your own business is not always easy, and Cosmin works hard to stay In The Zone. For Cosmin that means “to meet new people, expand [his] contact list, host coffee mixers every single day and attend all OG sponsored events!”  Cosmin is quick to credit the events as allowing him to create “an unstoppable momentum” for his team as well as for his own personal advancement. At this point in Cosmin’s journey, he has at least 2 weekly meetings with up to 300-400 people, which represents about 90% of his organization! Now that is what we call momentum!


Cosmin Achieves Emerald Status – Diamond Here He Comes: It took Cosmin 33 months to achieve Emerald status with ORGANO™. “My first year was a real challenge, and I didn’t have much success. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to create a rock solid foundation for my business. I listened to the ORGANO™ leaders who had already achieved the kind of success I wanted for myself, and who were willing to help me develop my amazing team”. Cosmin is now well on his way to achieve his next series of goals – to go Diamond by the next convention, to be recognized on stage, and to be the youngest Black Diamond in the history of ORGANO™.

Models and Mentors: There is no question about it, at ORGANO™ you are never alone – ever!  We have an executive leadership team, regional directors and Diamonds across the globe to help you build and manage your OG business. Cosmin looked to Mr. Holton Buggs as his personal mentor and guide. For Cosmin, “Holton has the experience and knowledge, as well as the leadership abilities and vision necessary to grow a thriving business.”  Cosmin is also quick to acknowledge his friends and young Diamonds in Italy – Tommaso, Luca, Mattia and Riccardo. He also credits Gianni, Angelica, Markus, Piero and Roberto for allowing him to follow them to every event and to duplicate their Diamond attitudes.


The Method to Cosmin’s Motivation: Of course motivation needs a constant source of fuel – to feed the burning desires of us all.  Cosmin’s strategy is to work hard every day.  He is often quoted as saying “I work like every day is Monday, so that I can live the rest of my days like it is Sunday – that is what motivates me!” This is also what fuels his motivation to travel the world with family and friends, as well as to make an impact in the world.

The Daily Mantra: Cosmin would like to share the one question he asks himself every day, and he would like to challenge his fellow OG Global Family Members to ask themselves the same question … “Is it more difficult to sign up 40 people, or to spend 40 years of your life working for someone else?” Of course it’s not! And, that is what keeps Cosmin going strong and it’s what fuels his determination to never ever quit!


Today, Cosmin is proud to announce that he is well on his way to Diamond – and he would like to challenge his team members and fellow OG Distributors to – to meet him on the recognition stage! Cosmin absolutely loves to challenge himself, he loves to learn new things and he especially loves to meet new people who share those same qualities. “ORGANO™ has provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime; to become the best possible version of myself, to grow a thriving business and help others to do the same, because It’s easy. It’s simple. It’sORGANO™.”

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