Every great journey starts with a single step, and now that you have taken that first step with the OGX Body Management Program and FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes, your personal weight loss transformation has begun. And, the time is Right Now to Fuel your FENIX and get your body on board to shake things up – one step at a time – to a become the best possible version of YOU!

It’s no secret that physical exercise can increase your productivity and personal happiness, but finding time to exercise while managing your global business with ORGANO™ can be challenging – no doubt!  It’s time to drop the excuses and pick up some #X4life tips on how to increase your everyday physical activity at work, home and on the go. Let’s get physical!

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Palms Up and Raise The Roof: While marching in place, push your palms up towards the ceiling and bring them back down until your thumbs touch your shoulders. Increase the difficulty here by holding water bottles. (20 reps)

Lean In and Spread Your Wings: Stand upright and lean forward from the waist to start. With your elbows bent and fists together – held out front, move your arms back like wings. To further flex your wings and  feel the burn – attempt to touch your shoulder blades together. (20 reps)

Straight and Forward Knee Lifts: While standing in place, lift your knee up towards your waist and drop your arms down while making a fist, and when your arms go up – your knees go down. (20 reps)

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Go All The Way Up: Sweep your arms up above your head, and back down again, as you step side-to-side. Actually yelling ”Go All The Way Up with OG” is optional. (20 reps)

Move Your Feet and Punch The Air: While alternating from foot from foot, make a fist and punch forward with alternating arms. To reduce stress put on your elbows, don’t fully extend your arms.(20 reps)

Bent Elbow Hamstring Curls: First, bend both arms at the elbow and make a fist. Next, bring one foot up and bend backwards, while straightening your arms so your hands are down when your foot is up. (20 reps)

Push The Envelope at Your Desk: Place both hands on the edge of your desk, shoulder width apart. With  legs stretched out behind you, push off the desk with both hands with as much force as you can. (10 reps)

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Jump Up and Shout Squats: First make sure you have plenty of space before you begin. Bend your knees until you are in a half-squat position, with your arms stretched behind you, then jump and swing your arms up in the air like you just don’t care! (10 reps)

Take a Break and Walk The Walk: When it’s time to take a break, get some fresh air in your lungs and a few laps under your belt. Try to pace yourself at 100 steps per minute, which should be easy – unless you stop to smell the roses along the way!  (10 minutes)

These simple exercises can be done in practically any environment, and requires only the equipment you have on hand – your entire body! And, anytime you make even the slightest effort to increase your physical activity, you’re helping to make your body stronger and healthier. You’ll also feel refreshed and have more energy to manage your thriving ORGANO™ business, and set the example for your team to become #X4life.

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The new OGX Body Management Program is part of the ORGANO™ Movement to cater to consumers’ active lifestyles, and the commitment to help transform lives. And the time is not now, but Right Now to get up out of your chair to move your body and get your blood flowing from head to toe! Have fun, challenge yourself to become a better version of you each and every day with the help of FENIX Meal Replacement Shakes, the OGX Nutritional Weight Management Guide and the support offered by the #X4life Community! #X4life #TasteTheGold