People all across North America are finding their FENIX through the OGX10 Challenge. We are very excited to announce the 2nd group of OGX10 Champions and recognize their commitment and dedication to becoming the best versions of themselves.
Congratulations to all of our OGX10 Champions and we look forward to crowning even more champions in the weeks to come.
Ellen Cooper-Edwards. Start date September 12, 2016. Weight lost: 12 lbs.


Joshua Johnson. Start date September 4, 2016. Weight lost: 16 lbs.


Denis Lecours. Start date September 20, 2016. Weight lost: 28 lbs.


Dawn Sullivan. Start date September 5, 2016. Weight lost: 20 lbs.


Rosa Rosales. Start date September 6, 2016. Weight lost: 15 lbs.


Jason Caperton. Start date September 7, 2016. Weight lost: 21 lbs.


Terry Stewart. Start date September 11, 2016. Weight lost: 14 lbs.


Edwin Jimenez. Start date September 20, 2016. Weight lost: 19 lbs.


Shirley Scott. Start date September 10, 2016. Weight lost: 27 lbs.


Genevieve White. Start date September 12, 2016. Weight lost: 11 lbs.

Find your FENIX, become an OGX10 Champion, and take the first step on your journey to become to the best version of you.

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This is no ordinary blend – ogxFENIX™ provides a complete and nutritious meal replacement in minutes. When combined with regular exercise and eating a proper balanced diet, nutritional shakes can be effective in managing weight and helping you live a healthy and active lifestyle.

For more information about the OGX10 challenge click HERE