The journey to success consists of several different paths.

Some people opt for more traditional routes, such as going to university, earning a degree, and working a 9-5 job. Some prefer the beaten path where they find a job they excel at and are content to be there for the rest of their lives, even if it doesn’t provide the development they need.

And then there are some, like Hugo and Gabriela Molina, that embark on the road less travelled and take advantage of an unbelievable opportunity that changes their lives forever.

Getting out of Neutral

Hugo and Gabriela were stuck. They wanted so desperately to get ahead in life but weren’t sure exactly how to do it. Gabriela was working as a professional hairdresser for nearly two decades and Hugo, trying to find his path to success, had gone back to school to obtain a college degree. However, after travelling down their respective paths, they realized that their expectations for what they wanted were not being fulfilled.  They wondered if there was something else out there for them. If everything they had tried so far hadn’t worked, surely there was more for them to discover.

With stress mounting and bills piling up, they ran into two lifelong friends who happened to be Emerald Consultants at a company called ORGANO™. Instantly, Hugo and Gabriela were hooked. Their eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

Finally, they had found what they were looking for.


Strengthening Their Bond

By building an ORGANO™ business together, Hugo and Gabriela were able to strengthen their marriage and build an even deeper bond. Together, they began to work as one and when they set their mind on becoming Sapphires, they were able to do so in just one month.

It also helped that they shared the same motivation — their two children.

They wanted to provide their kids with the best life they could and worked tirelessly to make it happen. They wanted their kids to know that all the work they were putting into their ORGANO™ business was not going to waste.

With their bond as strong as ever and their vision and goals clearly defined, it’s only a matter of time until Hugo and Gabriela take their business to the next level and continue their remarkable success story.

Hugo and Kids

The Next Chapter

With this wave of momentum behind them, they now have their sights on going Ruby by UTX in March. As they work their way up the OG Ladder, they also have another big goal in mind — qualifying for the biggest incentive of the year in Playa Del Carmen.

But those are just short term goals. In the long run, they see themselves establishing a stronghold in Latin America, helping others discover the OG Opportunity, and eventually joining the company’s elite as Crown Ambassadors.

How do they plan on accomplishing these goals?

By following the advice of top leaders like Holton Buggs, staying in Zone 1, and visualizing their journey to success. They believe visualization is the key to their success and live by the mantra, ‘if the mind can conceive it, the mind can achieve it.’

Only time will tell how high up the OG Ladder Hugo and Gabriela will climb. But if history is any indication, their journey to success appears to be paved with prosperity.

Hugo at Seas the moment