Fueled by passion and the desire to change lives everywhere, ORGANO™ is internationally recognized in the industry for the opportunity it provides to hundreds of thousands entrepreneurs around the world; the opportunity to own, build and sustain their own business. And, as ONE company with ONE vision, our success is based on the success of each and every ONE of our OG Family Members rising through the leadership ranks across the globe.

Today, the spotlight is on ONE of the incredible entrepreneurs that ORGANO™ supports – Platinum Elite, Jordan Spake – who is on a mission to rank advance to Ruby in time for The Ultimate Training Experience in 2017!

Be The Boss of Your Own Life – Not a Top Notch Employee: Like so many people who seek higher education as the vehicle to obtain a prosperous and life long career, Jordan thought his dreams had come true when he was accepted to attend the Ivy League school of his dreams. But his life would be changed forever, when just two years into his college career Jordan began to realize, “The majority of my curriculum was based on grooming me to become a top notch employee, but I wanted to learn how to be the boss of my own life and be the owner of my own business”. Fortunately for Jordan, he had the privilege of being raised by a pair of entrepreneurial parents – who advanced to OG Diamond status in 2011. “After my parents went Diamond, I started to attend OG events because I wanted to learn from proven leaders like Jose Ardon, who was not only making 50 times my professor’s salary, he was helping people all over the world just like me – who didn’t want to have a boss – but wanted to be the CEO of their own lives.”


Millennial Mentor – Motivator and Retail Queen: The dedication of our unparalleled leadership team is what put ORGANO™ on the map in over 50 countries of operation, and through edification, we have grown in both knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit for all the ages. For Jordan Spake, it was OG’s own Cynthia Williams (aka Retail Queen), who played a critical role in the success of his retail business. “Cynthia’s story not only inspired me, but she ignited a fire within my millennial team to create a solid income, by instilling the importance of building a network of consumers and a stronger Preferred Customer base.” Based on Jordan’s experience, “many of my millennial friends are left frustrated, they have everything it takes to succeed, but fail to understand the importance of the vehicle they choose to get them there”. The uniqueness of ORGANO™ is that we can transfer first time customers into repeat customers with our Preferred Customer Program, and share the opportunity with those who are ready to achieve financial stability by owning a business of their very own.

Box by Box – Rank Advance – Seas The Moment:  The best way to share the ORGANO™ experience is to share the products. And the best way build a thriving business and rank advance with OG, is to share the products. There is no secret, or shortcut, when it comes to achieving success with OG – it takes consistent effort over an extended period of time to actualize dreams. For Jordan, it was his motivation to set sail with OG’s elite and qualify for the Seas the Moment Incentive trip that propelled him to achieve his current status of Platinum Elite Consultant. “Having been a guest of my parents in the past, I was determined to qualify for the cruise on my own, and to bring one of my business partners with me.” Box by box, one successful OG Mixer after another – Jordan qualified to set sail and Seas the Moment in 2016.  “I would have never qualified to advance rank, much less qualify for the incentive trip, had I not plugged into the leadership of my upline Diamonds, Karl and Angela Thompson”.

Plug Into The Proven System – Walk the Walk – Follow the 4 Steps: One of the greatest aspects of the ORGANO™ opportunity is our proven system for success, and the fundamental business tools we offer our International Distributors. From our exclusive new Starter Kit, revamped corporate website, training events, leadership and opportunity calls – OG provides everything you need to succeed – including a limitless number or role models. As Jordan can attest to, “Mr. Edwin Haynes taught me how to talk, how to walk, how to feel and look like a real businessman, and Mr. Joseph Wilson is the man responsible for rescuing my family from a life of mediocrity – by introducing us to the OG opportunity”. And in the true OG spirit of giving back, Jordan proclaims; “I believe there are many other families out there who need help and I can’t afford to be fearful, lazy or nonchalant while building my business – I have a responsibility help others”.

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OG Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Holton Buggs, frequently states, “In life we get what we picture”. Well for Jordan and his predominant retail partners in South Florida, Jean and DJ, they didn’t want what was pictured for them – by other people – for their future. Expressed best by Jordan; “ORGANO™  is the saving grace, physically, mentally and emotionally for all the young people out there who want to set the world on fire, but have been groomed all of their lives to work for someone else and make them rich.” And, Jordan’s daily mantra is one we can all take to heart; “The Gift of Life is Giving and Complexity is the Enemy of Execution”. It is with great passion, purpose and opportunity for any person, of any age, who has a burning desire to succeed – #WeAreOrgano