A lot of things become clear when we take control of certain aspects of our lives. The first is that most find change to be excruciatingly difficult.

Studies show that it takes 66 days to break a habit.

Day one is manageable, but the 65 ensuing days are a roller coaster of emotional desperation.

66 days of self-control however, is a drop in the bucket of the beginning of a life long journey.

A journey that helps you realize your capacity to do whatever it is you set your mind out to do.

Losing weight has always had a certain appeal about it and not necessarily the idea of fitting into an old dress or turning heads at the beach.

Weight loss has two variables that are both tangible and manageable. Essentially, losing weight seems like low hanging fruit that can be accomplished without being a rocket scientist.

Anyone, theoretically, can do it.

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When we think of losing weight, two things come to mind:

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Workout

Seems doable, right? Both elements are well within the capacity of an average person to manage and control.

Well, yes and no.

While these are two crucial elements of achieving most of your fitness and wellness goals, the cliché that Weight Loss is a Journey is true and not just because it takes time. It’s a journey because it’s a process that will take you somewhere.

The destination however, is a moving target with numerous, unforeseen variables. You may think you know what barriers to your success await you, but inevitably there are curve balls, failures, successes and changes that can only be equated on the fly.

Your journey’s destination can be clearly defined or just a hopeful idea, but one thing is certain: you’ve got to begin.

The journey with weight loss begins with your “WHY?” FIND your FENIX.

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The “WHY” is crucial because food is delicious. Varieties of delicious food are everywhere.

Candy is everywhere. Everything you do every day has an element of food attached. Your “WHY” is going to have to be clear and certainly more compelling than birthday cake in the conference room.

Do you have time to go to the gym?

Do you know what to eat?

Do you know how to work out effectively?

Can you say no to sweets when you pass by your boss’ candy dish?

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If your “WHY” has to do with health, happiness, mental alertness, vitality, endurance, finances, self-esteem, change or any other ideal that will lead you to a better, more fulfilling life, then you will find the answers to these questions will be YES!

Seriously though, if you can master dietary cravings and reject food and snacks that taste amazing, truly, you can do ANYTHING.

Rejecting a freshly baked donut is harder than asking for a raise.

Changing your eating habits and overcoming cravings very well may be one of the hardest thing you ever do.

The journey begins with asking some hard questions, committing to change and creating a game plan.

Your “WHY” can have to capacity to make your life fuller, richer and better because you decided to take action. It’s a journey. Remember that.

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Change is a constant, so your journey will require modifications, honest accountability and course correction.

Don’t hesitate to ask for support, ideas and feedback from friends and family.

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66 days from now, you’ll be grateful your journey started 66 days ago.