Some don’t just participate in life, some excel in it.

If you’ve ever had a horrifying nightmare, upon waking in a puddle of sweat and terror, you’ve realized your mind fabricated a scenario and your body was tricked into believing it.

Your mind is in control.

DNA can be outsmarted.

Some of you have figured this out.

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A select few have taken control of your mind and rewired it to believe that limitations are a lie.

You set goals, you grind and grind and grind and you compete for the sake of overcoming challenges, mental or physical.

What stands out among the elite is the willingness to rise every morning, then Go and Do.

“Failure is not an option” has never been said by the successful.

The FENIX within is only created in defeat and what others would consider “failure.”

What the elite consider failure, is failure to have tossed their hat in the ring and ventured their best attempt at triumph.

The rise of the FENIX is the internal battle that is won by overcoming, by the endeavor, accomplishment and effort.

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– Doubt words. Anyone can talk big.

– Question actions. Anyone can perform for a limited time.

– Believe in patterns. Habits make us who we are through repetition, time and relentless commitment to the lifelong journey.

The struggle of the journey is where the best part of living is found. The mentality between those who do well and those who excel is the belief that no matter the measure of success, there isn’t a point at which you arrive to a destination, merely the level of competition and difficulty increases.

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Discipline is your kindling and accomplishment is your fire. Empowered by both, you can attain whatever you set your mind to.

You’ve been gifted with the need to push and fight and work because that’s when you’re awake; that’s when you’re alive.


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We say to the ELITE: Don’t stop. Don’t quit. Don’t arrive. Don’t sleep. RISE!