The Taste The Gold year of 2016 will go down in ORGANO™ history as the one to be remembered for many things. Most notably, it was the year that ORGANO™ made a significant brand evolution and took a bold and exciting leap into the weight management market, with the launch of our OGX product line. In 2016, the new and vibrant ORGANO™ branding was front and center – with our new OG Starter Kit, Distributor Business Tools, at our Exclusive Conventions and Events, and on every social media platform across the globe.

Memorable events and milestones transpired in every ORGANO™ country of operation last year. Join us today as we recount the most amazing 2016 #TasteTheGold moments – experienced all over the world!


1Q16 (January, February, March)

The ORGANO™ Preferred Customer Program: To create and maintain a successful OG business is to produce consistent retail sales. The launch of the Preferred Customer (“PC”) Program is enabling OG Distributors to secure retail customers and earn greater retail profits – more than ever before in ORGANO™ history. And, it’s so easy – just Find 3, Sign 3, and Enjoy – Free! Currently in 29 OG markets, look for the PC Program to continue its global expansion in 2017.

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New Ranks and Promotional Sales Packs Announced at The UTE in Las Vegas: The 2016 Ultimate Training Experience was unlike any other, as we made two groundbreaking announcements that rocked the convention floor. The existing Builder Packs were replaced with the Promotional Sales Packs that includes sample products and the new OG monthly planner. And, for the first time in seven years, new ranks were introduced, with the addition of VIP Consultant, Platinum Consultant, and Platinum Elite Consultant.

ORGANO™ Welcomes Colin Morgan Jones: Colin joined the OG Family as our new Regional Vice President, Europe, Africa, Russia/CIS and the Middle East. With his extensive and solid record of achievement throughout Europe and Russia/CIS, Colin is leading his OG region to greater heights.

Holton Buggs becomes OG’s Chief Visionary Officer: As CVO, Holton is responsible for the global vision that sets the tone and pace for ORGANO™ business growth and continued global expansion. This position leverages Holton’s sales strengths, vision and professional experience – further elevating his focus to take ORGANO to the next level.  

ORGANO™ Opens in United Arab Emirates: In March of 2016, ORGANO opened its first Middle Eastern Country with the opening of the our new UAE office in Dubai. Holton Buggs stated, “The UAE is one of the fastest growing markets for coffee. Solid economic growth, a diverse population and strong local regional ties to coffee is reinvigorating a strong coffee culture that ORGANO™ is poised to leverage.”


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2Q16 (April, May, June)

OG Takes Over Disney World: A memorable and goofy experience was had by all of the top Distributors who qualified to join OG’s worldwide elite – at the happiest place on earth – for the ORGANO™ Goes to Disney Incentive Trip. This OG exclusive incentive trip has become one of the highlights of the year for everyone involved — including Mickey Mouse, who became our newest Preferred Customer by the end of the trip!

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Go Diamond Weekend and the Unveiling of the new Starter Kit: This year’s Go Diamond Weekend was unlike any other. In addition to the extensive training and Women Who Win (“I-Win”) event, it was at the 2016 Go Diamond Weekend where the brand new Starter Kit was introduced to the world! The new Starter Kit has a sleek and modernized look and, without question, is the greatest tool to help start, grow and sustain a thriving ORGANO business for generations to come.

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The 2016 EU Convention in Verona, Italy: Thousands of Distributors from all over Europe touched down in Verona, Italy for the 2016 EU Convention. This unforgettable event provided the opportunity for OG Distributors to meet and learn from top Diamond Distributors and OG’s Elite Executive Team; Co-Founder, Mr. Shane Morand, and none other than OG’s very own Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Holton Buggs. Of the many epic announcements made, the launch announcement of Zero, De-Caf Espresso, was one that shook the convention floor. And for the OG Diamonds in attendance, they enjoyed a lavish villa luncheon, situated on a private island off Lake Garda, as part of the Diamond Experience. The 2016 EU Convention proved to be an incredible celebration that united an entire continent.

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3Q16 (July, August, September)

OG Goes Grassroots with the Ganoderma Discovery Tour: Asia’s top Distributors joined CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, to embark on a once in a lifetime journey through China – visiting its iconic landmarks and the ORGANO™ Ganoderma farms. Those who qualified witnessed firsthand how OG brings this miraculous mushroom from the ground to the cup, and why our Ganoderma lucidum products are superior in every way!

#TasteTheGold at the ORGANO™ International Expo: This marquee event of the year took place in Tampa, Florida, and Distributors from across the globe descended upon Tampa to witness history. The launching of the OGX product line, revealing the GOLD Magazine, the lavish recognition ceremonies for Distributors rising through the ranks, and the knighting of new OG Diamond Distributors – were just a few of the most epic EXPO moments.

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OGX Has Arrived: On the EXPO opening day, ORGANO™ announced its entry into the weight management market with the launch of the ogxFENIX™ Meal Replacement Shake, available in creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. Accompanying each ogxFENIX™ order is the OGX Nutritional Weight Management Guide that takes FENIX to the next level.  We show you how to do it with recommended meal plans, exercise options for all levels of fitness, hints to maximize success, as well as customized recipes that keep your weight management plan engaging, fun and efficient. For additional support, ORGANO launched a new Facebook Community dedicated to your OGX success: X4Life.

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The OG Website Re-Design: Also announced at EXPO was the re-launch of the ORGANO corporate website. This new streamlined, simplified, sleeker version of itself, has won rave reviews from Distributors and customers alike!

4Q16 (October, November, December)

The 2016 Seas the Moment Incentive Trip: For the first time ever, the entire OG Family was eligible for the Seas the Moment incentive. A truly global initiative, this trip was one of the most anticipated incentives in OG history!

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LATAM Unites in Mexico to Shake it Up & Shape Up with OGX™ Launch:  The largest Latin American event of the year – UNITE – Taste The Gold 2016 – ORGANO Annual LATAM Convention in Mexico City, was an unprecedented success. The OGX Body Management line was launched for the Mexico market, completing the North American OGX rollout. Training and recognition was another highlight with Regional Diamond Leaders, such as John Sachtouras and José Ardon, helping to further edify OG Distributors walking our famous recognition stage.

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OG Newest Country of Operation – Bolivia Opens: With its unparalleled natural beauty, Bolivia has become one of the most diverse countries in South America. And as part of its ongoing expansion in Latin America, ORGANO was proud to announce that it officially opened full operations in Bolivia in 2016. Best stated by Bernardo Chua, ORGANO Founder and Chief Executive Officer, “ORGANO continues its Latin America expansion with our premium coffee products, competing head-to-head with specialty coffees in one of the richest coffee growing continents in the world.”

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2016: It’s a Wrap!

As ONE global company, with ONE global vision, ORGANO™ experienced a record breaking 2016. Our fresh and vibrant new look exemplifies the OG lifestyle, reflects our company culture and vision, and increases the opportunities for the OG Global Family. And with the expansion of our product line and introduction into the weight management market, you are on the right team, at the right time, because it only gets better from here! So, buckle up and get ready to experience life amazing in 2017, with the Opportunity that is ORGANO!