January 17th is the official day when New Year’s Resolutions have either become part of your routine, entirely forgotten or neglected and the center of your daily guilt.

Resolutions constructed under the gentle glow of Christmas lights or the excitement of New Year’s have a tendency to catch fire or to fizzle out, but at the heart of each resolution lies a greater cause.

Resolutions are another way to say goals.

If we can shake off the stigma of cliché New Year’s resolutions for a moment, we actually find that resolutions aren’t just a pastime.

Setting goals, planning and executing are a fundamental part of life.

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Being resolute to better ourselves is what separates us from the animals.

We don’t simply act according to instinct, but we reflect, create new personal standards and then set out to actively improve ourselves.

NY Resolutions aren’t just about making more money or losing weight.

Chasing the dream of becoming the best version of ourselves actually brings us internal happiness too.

It’s called “Happiness through pursuit.”

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And if that’s not enough to inspire you to get your tail back in gear, the very fibers of our community are at stake.

Setting goals and committing to a higher standard of living is what binds and strengthens communities.

But for the 92% of those who attempt to fight the good fight of self-improvement, no matter how noble or fulfilling, find that day 17 is the expiration date for most resolutions.

If you’re part of the majority of those whose FENIX isn’t on the rise, don’t lose hope.

Chances are, you need to tweak your resolutions before you abandon them.

Most goals are haphazardly constructed.

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Do any of these sound like your latest attempt at a new 2017?

1. Unrealistic
2. Unspecific
3. Unprepared
4. Poor Time Management
5. Easily Distracted

Ditch your resolutions today and recommit X4EVER.

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You read that right.

To rise like a FENIX, you’ve got to prepare to sluff off your old you.

Take out your resolutions or fabricate them for the first time and create a SIMPLE, CLEAR and CONCISE path for success.

1. Be very specific
2. Recognize possible obstacles
3. Find a friend who will hold you accountable
4. Create alternatives in case you find yourself in a jam
5. Revisit your “WHY” daily

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You can be part of an elite club.

The 8% who hold strong to their resolutions.

The 8% whose WHY outweighs the ease of complacency.

Be part of the strong, proud and resolute 8%.

The highs, the lows, the lazy and the crazy; we’re all trying our best to rise.

X4EVER prepares you for success.

The FENIX’s journey is individual, the WHY is personal, but the courage and support to succeed is best achieved as a community committed to your achievement.
Rise with FENIX 4EVER.

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Start the challenge today at http://www.x4ever.club