As the Company committed to bring the treasures of the Earth to the people of the world, today OG salutes its greatest treasure of all – every ORGANO™ Customer across the globe!

Today is Get to Know Your Customers Day, officially observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October). However, if you are a member of the OG Global Family – everyday is get to know your customers day! In honor of our customers, in over 50 countries of operation, join us today as we share some helpful hints on how to get to know your existing customers a little better and how to meet, make and get to know as many new and Preferred Customers as possible – not just today – but every day!

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At ORGANO™ – Our Customers Get the Royal Treatment: In today’s fast paced world, many companies have lost touch with the their customers evolving needs, and their personal attention to customer care has sadly gone by the wayside. Nothing could be further from the truth with ORGANO™. Our worldwide Distributorship is dedicated to treating our customers as our extended family and treasured friends.

Understanding your customers ever changing needs in a competitive marketplace is of key importance – not only to your customers, but for your growing OG business! Give your customers a customized ORGANO experience, and make it your business to anticipate how you can give your customers the personal attention they deserve now, and in the future. One of the very best ways to consistently provide personalized customer care, on a consistent basis, is to invite your treasured customers to become ORGANO™ Preferred Customers for life!

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Customer Engagement is Key – Surveys and Reviews Help: Simply asking questions is one of the easiest methods to employ, to get honest feedback, when seeking to get know your customers better. The answers to these questions can provide insight into what your customers really need, and how you can provide an increased level of customer care.

These questions should emphasize both the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ in order to get a clear picture of what you need to accomplish to provide a superior ORGANO™ customer experience. So, listen up when your customers speak, take action once you have received their response, and your customer reviews will Go All The Way Up!

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Host a Special OG Mixer for Treasured and Preferred Customers:  One of the best ways to celebrate a treasured or Preferred Customer with ORGANO™ – is with an OG Customer Celebration Mixer! Take this opportunity to not only show appreciation and celebrate your existing customers, but to encourage them to bring a friend to share in the fun and enjoy the expansive line of ORGANO™ Gourmet Beverages and FENIX Nutritional Shakes (currently available in the United States, Canada and Mexico).

An OG Mixer is the perfect social setting to celebrate with your extended OG family of customers, and to showcase the opportunity that is ORGANO™ in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to send every guest home with a sample or two – to share and enjoy with someone else – to create yet another customer or two – who may have been unable to attend!  

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Make New Friends & Keep The Old – On Social Media: Engaging with new and existing customers, on the various social medial platforms, is a must for every business owner today. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will provide valuable insight into your customer’s likes, dislikes, habits and, most importantly, what they want and what they are buying.

In addition, many posts on social media sites garner additional comments from other people you don’t yet know – yet another opportunity to meet new people potential customers and preferred customers! Share the blogs throughout your social media channels and be sure to encourage your existing customers to share your posts and comment about their favorite OG products, to share recipes and the creative ways they enjoy their OG On-The-Go! The power of a positive testimonial on social media from a satisfied customer is a treasure to behold and another opportunity for someone new to #TasteTheGold!

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No matter what corner of the earth your new, and potential, customers are from – everyone loves to save money on the things that they enjoy – especially the things they enjoy every day – life coffee, tea and body management products!

The best possible way to celebrate every one of your customers everyday, is to “really” get to know them, stay connected with them, commitment to provide them with the ultimate in OG customer care and share with them the greatest treasures of the Earth and the opportunity that is ORGANO™.

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If you are an OG Global Family Member – challenge your team and fellow Distributors to make it a point to get to know a little more about their customers and make each of them feel like they are your most important customer – all day – everyday!