Ask not what you can do for breakfast, but what your breakfast can do for you.

“What should I eat for breakfast?”
A dangerous question.

Depending on how you slept, you might eat a sleeve of Oreos and 3 glasses of milk.
Or you might eat a free range, organic egg white omelet with organic bell peppers, hormone-free diced ham, heirloom fresh tomatoes and GMO free goat cheese.
That’s where preparation comes in handy.

Decide days, weeks or even a month ahead so the choice has already been made.
“This morning, I’m indulging the finer things and having a delicious glass of FENIX by OGX.”
Take out the guesswork and breakfast becomes a delicious, healthy, simple, fast, nutritious, cost-effective delight.

As you very well know, breakfast is an important meal, because even though you’re fast asleep, your body is still in full operation. So naturally, you become hungry and dehydrated. It’s essential to wake up and immediately replenish what you’ve lost over the last 6-8 hours and rehydrate your body.

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The FENIX shake does both.

A large, delicious glass of nutrients, minerals and protein. And not just any old hodgepodge of makeshift ingredients either.

FENIX uses specific blends, amounts and quality that make breakfast a super meal.
It can sometimes be difficult to become excited over the ingredients that make up your food, but here’s a little insight into what your breakfast is doing for you.

The FENIX meal replacement shake contains 13 grams of a superior biological whey protein that is free of hormones.

That’s a big deal.

Our clean protein helps support lean muscle, fights hunger and delivers delicious nutrition in a hurry.

FENIX also has electrolytes, potassium and sodium for hydration and prebiotic fiber for digestive health.

It’s gluten free and delicious.

If you have celiacs, you can celebrate in the beauty of that sentence.

Flavor and gluten free don’t always agree. 

Of course your breakfast wouldn’t quite be complete if we didn’t include the magic of Ganoderma mushroom powder and all of its beneficial properties. 

The shake mix contains 110 calories with water or 250 when mixed with milk as directed, to provide you a balanced meal.

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FENIX offers a convenient, fast, nutritional meal that can save you money, enrich your breakfast and can help you maintain or lose weight. We worked hard to create the perfect nutritionally sound ingredient deck when working on FENIX because we know you work hard.

You  deserve only the finest and that’s what you’ll get.


Wake up. Drink up.

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