For those that persevere, the rewards far outweigh the struggles inevitably endured on the road to success. And, the time is not now, but right now to begin reaping those rewards with OG! Retail sales are the foundation of the ORGANO opportunity, and by sharing the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the World – you can reap the profits. Yet, building a strong network of both customers and Preferred Customers takes time to flourish, and in order to succeed you must first master the fine art of follow-up.

Mix it Up with OG – Listen Up – Take Notes: Immediately following your OG Mixer, or anytime you share the products and opportunity with someone new – take notes! Writing notes about the people you speak to, and what you spoke about, will help jog your memory when it comes time to following up with them. Be sure to include specific details about that person’s profession, personality and what sets them apart from the crowd. Business cards are a great tool – collect them and write down everything you can remember about that person on the back of the card – so when you are no longer face-to-face with that person you will remember them in greater detail. Using the OG Project Prospecting System, in the new Starter Kit, is a great way to keep track of your customers, document each encounter, and track follow up dates.

There’s No Time To Waste – Follow-Up Immediately: The Time is not now – But right now to follow-up after making your first contact with someone new. Don’t wait a week or two to follow-up, as your new connection may or may not remember you. Don’t risk diminishing the impact of your initial meeting by letting too much time pass – reach out the very next day!  Strike while the iron is hot – connect with your potential new customers.

Put The OG Success Calendar & 90 Day Game Plan Into Action: After your initial follow-up call, email, or note, you’ll want to follow-up again in a few weeks; be sure to set that reminder! The very best way to track follow-up dates with your prospects is with the 90 Day Game Plan and Success Calendar in the OG Starter Kit. It is the organizational key to connecting with your customers and prospects. Call, send an email, forward interesting links from the ORGANO blogs and social media channels to stay connected – or invite them to an ORGANO corporate event and let the experience the Gold firsthand.

It’s Easy – It’s Simple – Keep It Short & To The Point: Whether it’s a phone call, email or text – your communications don’t need to be lengthy to be effective. It is important to keep your messages short and to the point, not only show respect for your customer’s time, but to help maintain their attention. Often times when your new connections are “on the fence” your initiative, enthusiasm and follow-up can be just what it takes to create a customer or Preferred Customer for life. Whether a customer purchases OG treasures from you, or becomes a member of your team, after your first contact or your tenth – following up can reap rewards.

Shake Things Up – Bring Back The Lost Art of a Handwritten Note: With the advent of technology and the multitude of ways to connect with people today – the personal handwritten note has gone by the wayside. A handwritten follow-up note, with an invitation to meet up again soon, will make your new contacts feel noticed and special. Birthday and holiday cards are another great way to reach out and say “hello” and “I’m thinking of you on your special day.” And by slipping a sachet of their favorite OG Gourmet Blend into the envelope – that is how you make a personal connection that will leave a lasting impression. No matter how you meet new people, the best way to demonstrate reliability and build trust is to set up a follow-up plan, and then execute as scheduled.

By patiently cultivating relationships, your hard work and dedication will lead to the growth and expansion of your ORGANO global business. And remember, like the game of baseball, it’s your follow-through that determines whether or not you hit a home run and knock it out of the park – with the opportunity that is ORGANO™.