Every picture tells a story, and every story has a beginning that ultimately leads to an end. And while every OG Global Family Member has a unique story of how their journey began, as well as the recognition earned and challenges faced along the way, there is no end in sight when it comes to achieving new heights with a proven system and the ORGANO™ 4 Steps to Success.

For Punchaya Adi, it was after he graduated and settled into a routine job when he began to realize there was no end in sight to the endless number of hours he would be working for someone else, at a very limited wage. Worse yet, he realized that there was an end in sight in terms of his income potential.  Fortunately for Punchaya, he was introduced to the opportunity that is ORGANO™, and the vehicle of choice for hundreds and thousands of people around the world travelling together as ONE Global Family on the road to success.

Wake Up – Hit The Ground Running and Get In the Zone: The first step to launching a successful business with OG, and to create your own personal success story, is to follow the 4 Steps to Success. And as Punchaya can attest, “I was driven to own my own business, determine my own income and to have my chosen vehicle for success take me there – not run me into the ground. I never tried to recreate the OG proven system, I simply followed the ORGANO™ 4 Steps to Success to advance rank and build my business.” Building the right business, in one of the fastest growing industries, is as easy as 1,2,3,4 – The ORGANO™ 4 Steps to Success:

  1. Become a Product of The Product – Consume and share the expansive OG product line.
  2. Build a Successful ORGANO™ Business – Develop a Preferred Customer base on Autoship.
  3. Put The Coffee Into Action By Planning an OG Mixer – Host a social meeting showcasing OG products.
  4. Plug Into a Proven System – Take advantage of the tools and support available to serve you 24/7.



Think – Plan – Execute and Methodically Advance in Rank: The road to success can surely be a winding road, but it was never meant to be an expressway. Building a sustainable business can never be built in haste, and lasting success will not result from a race to the finish line. Punchaya can testify that it takes thought, preparation and execution to achieve success.  “I was never a fast climber; I am more the slow and methodical type. It took me 8 months to achieve Sapphire rank, and another 10 months to achieve my current status as a Ruby Distributor.” By following the massive number of ORGANO™ Distributors who have paved the way before him, Punchaya plans to Go Diamond by 2017!

Following OG Business Mentors and Models – It’s Just Good Business: If you ask an OG Distributor if they have a mentor, who is now exactly where they want to be someday, the answer is always “yes” and the list of leaders is long. For Punchaya, it is his direct sponsor and up-line leaders that keep him on track, and are there to offer encouragement when challenges arise. “I have learned more about achieving success from my direct Diamond sponsor, Mr. Kanttapat, in three years than I did in my collective 20  years of formal education. And, if it were not for the infinite wisdom and patience of my up-line mentor and Black Diamond, Mr. Nattaway (Yod), I would not be where I am today.”

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Punchaya wanted to share one thought with his fellow OG Global Family members, who are also Diamond bound; “I’m just an ordinary man, who made an extraordinary decision to Taste The Gold and Go Diamond with OG. And, I look forward to being knighted on the OG stage at the UNITE Asia Convention in 2017“. And while he had no experience in the industry, Punchaya understood the value in being teachable, and following the OG leaders, while building a strong foundation for his global business in the future. #WeAreOrgano