Keep that Energetic Feeling Going All Day Long!

We all know that a great cup of ORGANO™ coffee is a breakfast staple, however, what you put next to that cup of coffee has been somewhat up for grabs until now!  

Introducing the new ORGANO™ BreakfastClub SAVINGS Pack – the ultimate way to have a tasty and nutritious breakfast to get you going and keep you on track for the day. The ORGANO™ BreakfastClub Pack includes one box of ORGANO™ Premium Black Coffee and one ogxFENIX™ shake bag.

Why breakfast? Almost half of adults today do not eat breakfast, and the other half that does eat breakfast tend to eat high calorie, high carb, low nutrition foods like muffins and bagels, or fast food. You know the drill – grab something on the go.  Well, you can still ‘grab and go’ with our robust ORGANO™ coffee with Ganoderma benefits, and our delicious new ogxFENIX™ protein shakes – a balanced meal on the go.  

BreakfastClub-02 (1)

Moreover, the ogxFENIX™ protein shake meal sets you up for success.  And just to make it that much easier for you, we have introduced three new weight loss kits. These kits are designed to support weight loss and an active lifestyle.


Black Coffee – OGX Fenix Chocolate and Vanilla shakes.



Green Tea – Black Coffee – OGX Fenix Chocolate and Vanilla shakes.



Black Coffee – One OGX Fenix shake.


The ogxFENIX™ Basic KIT targets weight loss and gives you the energy boost that you need. Replace two meals a day with FENIX shakes and eat a sensible third meal. The ogxFENIX™ Advanced KIT takes weight loss to a new level and adds the power of green tea to help fight fat through the power of hydration and nutrients. The ogxFENIX™ Ultimate KIT includes Ganoderma supplements to support antioxidant protection; supporting your general health.  Choose what works best for your goals and lifestyle.

For those with specific weight loss goals, make those goals official and join our X Challenge. The two-step challenge helps you reach the ultimate goal of becoming X4Ever. You complete the challenge by eating better, becoming more active, and losing your desired amount of weight. When you meet your weight loss objective, you will have a rockin’ bod and win some fabulous prizes too! has all the information you need to join the challenge.   

Moreover, remember, OG makes it easy to stay on track with our supportive x4Ever community and easy, delicious recipes!  

It is Simple. It is Easy. It is ORGANO.