Brains are like computers.

They offer up answers when available, but it’s important to understand that sometimes, the answers your brain offers are wrong *gasp*.

It’s also healthy to understand where its priorities lie.

Instilling confidence, providing happiness or boosting self-esteem are not on the list of your brains to-dos.

In fact, our brains analyze every circumstance searching for what is wrong, thus preserving our lives; ready at any moment to initiate our Fight or Flight instincts.

The secret is to avoid asking your brain to fabricate answers of self-worth without having first been preprogrammed with correct answers.

When left on its own to answer questions of self-worth, validation or acceptance your brain will rely on the generic reply that has been formed by the influence of others.

Sadly, 98% of those responses will falsely tell you of your deep inadequacy.

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If you tell your brain how you feel, it will comply.

If you think highly of yourself, your subconscious will whisper optimistic and kind words of affirmation thousands of times a day.

If you’re not your own biggest fan however, your subconscious will repeat your perceived shortcomings ALL day on EVERY topic.

The relationship you have with yourself is reflected in your self-esteem. Your internal compass bases your self-esteem on trust, respect, affection and interest that you’ve cultivated with yourself. A life of experiences has raised your self-confidence, banged it up or in some cases, completely annihilated it. Being responsible for your life in a respectable and constructive way is the most powerful influence of building and sustaining a healthy self-esteem.

We want to empower you to take the reins and manage your happiness. Create mental space for your self-esteem to flourish and allow your confidence to again rise and soar.

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FENIX meal replacement is more than just a healthy, delicious drink. It’s the starting point where many of us embark upon the journey of taking control of our lives and improving our health and well-being.

As our health improves and we experience positive results, we change how we feel, we change how we act and ultimately, we alter the way we view ourselves.

Notice the phrase “the way we view ourselves.”

When you feel like a million bucks, you don’t need anyone to tell you how to feel. When you have the mental and physical capability and energy to do the things you love, you won’t feel guilty that you’re missing out.

FENIX is simply a tool that enables you to take control.

It’s a foundational piece to a larger puzzle that will help you achieve improvement in your waistline, relationships, self-esteem, employment, overall health, confidence and happiness.

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Imagine you are the executive producer, creator, writer and actor of your own journey. Because of you, your life can literally go the way you direct and it can change forever. Because you took the time and expended the energy to set goals and begin, you are the author of the next glorious chapter.

Every week, when you see that things are improving, things are changing, your brain will play on repeat that YOU now hold the key to a new, confident, trustworthy, beautiful, loveable you.

Self-esteem is enhanced when you set a goal that’s meaningful and important to you and you stick with it until you’ve achieved it.Image result for ogx fenix

Let’s improve your reputation with yourself and begin with writing down some heartfelt wellness goals- TODAY!