Most of us at ORGANO™ recount to others of our lives before joining – for a large majority of us, we were living satisfactory, expected lives.  We had a solid education, loving families, close friends and a connection to our communities that most people experience. Yet, we also had dreams of a bigger, bolder life … and were willing to step out of our comfort zone and explore something new.

Massimiliano comes from a typical Italian family. His parents are employed – his father works as a warehouseman, and his mother works in a nursing home.  Massimiliano was studying molecular biology at University when he learned of ORGANO™: “I was studying, worked as a lifeguard and did some part-time work in public relations for some clubs around Milan. It was a very normal life.”  In December of 2013 he “heard about this coffee that changes lives,” and discovered ORGANO™.  Although impressed with the products and curious about the opportunity, he set the information aside and continued his life.

In June of 2014, Massimiliano was ready to start a business with ORGANO™. “I did not want to believe that coffee could change lives. I really wanted to change MY life; have more for my life than what I was experiencing – more financially, mentally, and spiritually. I did not want a life of mediocrity; I wanted to succeed on my terms.”  


Fast forward, and a year later Massimiliano was slowly developing his business but had not achieved a rank. While this frustrated him, he realized that he needed to change his approach to the business. “I needed to follow the instructions of our Leadership,” he said laughing. And he did just that: “I started to do the Four Steps, every day, every day, every day. It was MAGIC. Moreover, Mr. Holton Buggs helped me do the “switch” in one of his weekly millionaire calls.”  It worked. After six months Massimiliano became Sapphire, and then after nine months, he became Ruby.

The “switch” translates differently to every individual. For Massimiliano, it was to demonstrate that you can create and work towards your dreams, outside of what you are expected to achieve. “I do not do ORGANO™ only for me, but principally for others, to help them create their own lives.”  Now, Massimiliano has a “pretty relaxed” life. He lives in his own home and owns his own time. “I can do everything I want, whenever I want, and with whom I want. It is like a dream, but I understand that it is possible only because I was perseverant. Naturally, I invest much of my time in ORGANO™ to create other systems and groups, but I do this with a mental calm that I never had before.”

And what is Massimiliano’s next goal?  Diamond, of course! “I think that the unique way to do Diamond is to do the four steps -every day. Teaching it and teaching how to do the four steps. Simple and duplicable! Now I am Ruby with another Ruby and 6 Sapphires in the team. My next goal, naturally, is to create three Diamonds in my team this year. The best motivation for me is being able to see my team rewarded on stage; to know that I have helped other people achieve their dreams; WOW! I have nearly 170 reasons why I do ORGANO™; this company changed my life radically, and I am sure that it is my first and last network marketing company.”

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Advice? That is as simple as the four steps: “If you are a new distributor or not – decide to create your own life. Commitment is the most important thing. I am on the field until I go to Crown Ambassador Diamond; this is what I tell me every day, doing the four steps, every single day!”